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Google Smack Down imageSo wow…it’s been so long since I last wrote here at Peasants!

It’s funny how fast time goes by when you’re truly enjoying the happenings in your world.

The big trade-off is knowing that you’ve had a hand in guiding some of it!

But we’ll save that post for a rainy day.

Today I want talk about the new term titled “encrypted_search_terms showing up in the top of many of your web stats including mine.

I’ve seen it for a while now in my stats and became curious as to why it was showing up there so I began to research a bit.

Apparently the “encrypted_search_terms” is just Google’s way of not sharing certain search information with other sites, particularly WordPress.

Basically…If a user is signed in to Google, that particular user’s search times will be blocked in order to protect their privacy and a customized experience.

Not too big of deal as long as you have a Google webmaster and analytic account and you certainly should if you’re at all serious about marketing on the web.

It is still a slight bummer because we like to use all of our stats to help determine what people search for on our own sites.

By the way…feel free to read Google’s official statement on this article posted by Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land.

There are also links offering additional info directly from Google’s Blog as well.

The official position on the reason is for security purposes.

My official position is that Google is an outstanding company and the world is a better place because of the work they’ve done. I also, however, believe they intend on charging webmasters for these encrypted stats some time in the near future.

I don’t know which feeling I’m more overwhelmed by….

The utter and complete awe in the genuineness of it all or the absolute sick feeling in my stomach because of how much it’s going to cost!

What say you?

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