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Major Search EnginesSick of trying to manually track down the search engine position of your website keywords or your client’s keywords?

Maybe your just tired of getting skewed results or possibly looking for a way to easily recall historic seo movement with multiple sites and keyword positions.

Or…maybe you’ve already got the seo part down to a science along with plenty of your own clients but you just need a super professional seo reporting program or software that can be programed to automatically  run the most accurate rank check on the market and also automatically send a customized PDF report to your customer.

Regardless of whether you’re new or old to the seo industry I’m going to suggest you should consider checking out SEO PowerSuite by Link Assistant.

Many people think there is some big mystery or secret to seo that the gurus aren’t telling anybody. There really isn’t a mystery…you just need the right tools.

I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now. I operate a full service SEO company with hundreds of nationwide clients and believe me when I tell you I have tried them all!

SEO PowerSuite is by far the best seo reporting & software hands down.

I simply load the url into the rank tracker program and tell it which search engine to check rank for and it does it for me.

More than that…it’s always accurate!

The PowerSuite Enterprise Edition is what I bought and while the Rank Tracker is great for customized and automated reports, that’s only one small piece of the pie. It also comes with 3 other very important products.

Those products are:

SEO SpyGlass allows you to find out how your competitors got their rank and links.

Website Auditor which tells you the exact steps necessary for optimal on-page optimization within all major search engines.

and last but not least Link Assistant which is a great tool that automates the link development routine leaving you more time for other stuff like, oh I don’t know, LIFE!

So that’s it…I’m an extremely happy PowerSuite customer simply because my life is much easier now with a ton less worry!

I can rank my customer’s sites well and present them with professional seo reports because it’s all pretty much done for me with this software.

You can too but you have to start by checking them out at the link above.

They’ve even got a free download for you to test the product. Just know that you can’t print reports or unlock the full potential of all 4  tools until you purchase it. Makes sense right? They’ve got make money to keep adding and building killer tools.


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