Product Sourcing on the Fly

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Ever been in a store and saw a product you would like to sell, then had to go home and look it up to see if you can get your hands on it or how much it’s going to cost you to buy in bulk?

Ever wish there was a way you could check availability and wholesale prices right there on the spot? (continue reading…)

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Bring all Your Files Anywhere

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Today I’ve got a really awesome free service for you to check out which allows you to bring all your files with you anywhere at anytime.

Check out (continue reading…)

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month and a half since I lasted posted here but time flies when you’re having fun.

I’ve got some new information coming soon that will help you with your online businesses as well as your eBay businesses.

Please accept my apologies for the lack of new posts but I’ve been very busy working on a new business with a partner of mine. (continue reading…)

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Setting up an LLC

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Are you reading this because you’re considering setting up an LLC for your business?

In recent years setting up an LLC has become one of the most sought after ways to legalize the structure of a company.

The reasons are quite pure and simple. (continue reading…)


Lock Your Spot

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Check out this video and lock your spot in the new company 360 Degrees.

It’s free to join and there are only 9 days left to get in.

I usually don’t get involved with too many new and up and coming companies simply because they aren’t yet proven. This company however seems to have there stuff together and it looks like it’s going to be a very profitable venture. It’s free to join so lock your spot now. The average rate of sign ups is 2000 per day. There are people all across the world joining this thing so you know it’s going to be big. It will of course require a little work on my part and yours but then again nothing comes for free and I believe the rewards will be substantial.

Earn money…’s another stream of income.

The company’s official launch date is May 15th. The deadline is right around the corner. I locked my spot and now it’s time for you to lock yours.

Best Wishes!

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Intensity of Actions Determine Success

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Work out successThink about the way a weight trainer pushes his or her body to the point of muscle failure. They do this on a regular or routine schedule to get the results they are looking for. The trainer understands the intensity of his/her actions will determine their success. In order to change the individual body mass, lines and structure he or she must consistently perform the necessary tasks over and over again until success is achieved.

The cool part about this is what happens during the midst of the daily routine. Somewhere along the line, the trainer’s intense schedule actually becomes a habit in which their mind craves. The mind actually misses the repetition of the workout, the smell of the gym and the feeling the muscles give when they are exhausted. The habit of working out has become an addiction and what a good addiction to have.

It’s the same way with musicians. I once saw an interview on TV of the famous guitarist Chet Akins before he died. In the interview Chet was asked about his love for playing the guitar. His response was that he loved it so much he misses it. He was older at the time and didn’t quite have the intensity required anymore. But he said he used to practice until his fingers would bleed and then he would just keep on playing.

The human mind is a very powerful and resourceful tool.

Do not ever make the mistake of believing that you can not be successful.

You can be successful at anything you trick your mind into being.

Intense and consistent repetition is the key.

Apply this approach in your business and you will have a very successful business as well.

Know that there is no doubt you will become extremely successful after the intensity and consistency of your actions become a habit or addiction to your mind. It’s all about fundamentally changing the way you think and do things. Just be certain the actions you take are a sure path to the desired outcome.

Best Wishes


How to Measure Success

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MansionBefore one can measure success it seems plausible that we should define success first.

The term success means many different things to many different people.

For example, Joe and his wife are in their 40’s. They have two kids and live very modest. The couple is extremely happy earning a hundred and fifty thousand in there 7th year at their family restaurant. They have a nice home and don’t require much to be perfectly content in life. There is always plenty extra money if something is needed or wanted.

Sara, however, is a single 30 something lady and earns closer to seven hundred thousand a year from her 4 year old interior design company. She loves what she does and has made a name for herself. Sara enjoys a more extravagant lifestyle with multiple houses, flashy cars and a few beach side vacations a year. She seldom has much disposable income around when it is needed and seems to be always buried in credit debt. Sara is thrilled living her life in the fast lane and could not be happier.

Then you have Jacob and Katie. They’re a young newlywed couple with no children in their early to mid 20’s. They started their own internet business a year and a half ago. They both work hard on their shared business. Jacob and Katie are on track to earn forty thousand dollars net in the second year. Both drive older cars which are paid off and they live in a small apartment that cost them 650.00 a month plus utilities and food. They are completely beside themselves with joy and go out and do whatever they want whenever they want.

Which of the people out of the three examples above are more successful?

The answer would be that neither is more successful than the other.

They are all doing what makes them happy.

The best part about it is they are earning money from what makes them happy.

Their success, however, is not measured by how much money they’re earning but instead measured by satisfaction in the lives they are leading.

Money is well and great and certainly needed but we can’t measure our success with it.

Success has to be about something more important than money.

Best Wishes!


Where Did You Hang Your Thinking Cap

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This will probably show my age but I remember back in the day when somebody said “put on your thinking cap” they really meant “use your mind or your brain”. Think and be creative was the general consensus.

Thinking about what you’re doing before you do it can be tough for some of us because we can’t remember where we last hung our thinking cap. In other words, it’s difficult sometimes to get the creative juices flowing.

I struggle with this problem more than I care to talk about. The thing you have to do when you’ve lost your thinking cap is find something to relax your mind enough to remember where it’s at.

For me it’s cooking. I like to cook. I mean the physical act of standing over the stove and making a meal for me or my family is something that I enjoy. It relaxes my mind and allows me to think. There have been numerous times when I have been cooking a meal and have thought of ideas for song versus, articles, ideas for the website and much more. I know it’s weird but it works for me. It helps the creative side of my mind to show itself.

When I cook I am able to remember where my thinking cap is and use it. There are other things that work for me also but none as well.

The human mind is a wonderful tool not to be underestimated. The problem for most of us is that it only works extremely well some of the time. It’s difficult to harness the power.

Try to find your thinking cap. Put it on and remember where you hang it when you’re finished so you can easily go back and wear it again the next time you need it.

Best Wishes!

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Daring You To Grow

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Do you know the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?

Successful people aren’t scared to grow. They set goals in their lives and then they start on the road to obtain them. Once they have obtained those goals they set new ones and start the procedure all over again. They don’t worry if they fail along the way because they knew from the beginning there could be some challenges to get the end result. People like this are certain of their outcome and they remain sure.

Successful people have fears like any other human being except they dare themselves to grow on a daily basis. They encourage personal growth to everyone they come in contact with.

Unsuccessful people have goals too. The only difference is that they’re scared to grow. They allow the fear of failure and rejection to hold them back. Unsuccessful people make excuses to themselves and others as to why they haven’t achieved their goals.

An unsuccessful person will typically start on the path to personal growth and positive goals but become easily distracted by hurdles and challenges. They lose their sense of focus and become lazy and eventually give up.

Personal growth is a necessary component of success. Anybody can succeed at any life goal with determination, focus and a little elbow grease. Try to anticipate your obstacles and challenges in advance. If a few more pop up unexpectedly don’t give up. Get stronger and overcome them.


Best Wishes

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Inject a Bit of You Into Your Online Business

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Things not going well? Business a little slower than you would like it to be? It could be that you just need to inject a little bit of you into your online business.

I know this is tough to do. I used to be kind of a private person myself. For many people it can be very difficult to put yourself out there and be subjected to scrutiny. Maybe we would do well to remember that our morals and ethics belong to us.  So let’s stand on them.

Consider letting your audience know the real you. Sure you may occasionally come across a few that disagree with you but that’s ok too. Every man or woman has the right to their own opinion. At least the majority will respect you for clearly stating who you are and what you’re all about.

I don’t believe the Internet is much different than the real world in that people still want to get to know other people they are associating themselves with. Most tend to do business and associate with others who share the same moral and ethical background.

Does your audience know who you are?

Best Wishes

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