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What Will Be Your Legacy

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Have you ever given any thought about the term “legacy” and the meaning behind it?

Dictionary.com defines a legacy as anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome.

I thought about and pondered the definition for years and years.

I’ve made lots of mistakes in my lifetime such as treating people poorly, spent too much time partying, spent too much time being lazy, executed a few horrible business decisions, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve also had my share of successes and done some really good things in my opinion such as marrying my wife and raising and supporting 4 children, buying a home, helped those who required help, maintained a successful career, created a couple small businesses, enjoyed lifetime friendships and maybe a few other smaller accomplishments.

One of the goals that I’m most proud of, however, is building and creating this website.

If I have it my way… it will be my legacy to my family, friends and a significant chunk of the world .

It’s something I can give.

Hopefully it will be something to remember me by when I depart this precious and still largely untapped phenomenon we call life.

What will be your legacy?

What mark will you leave on the world?

Will you offer a contribution that will enrich the lives of your own children, grandchildren and a portion of our great human population?

It’s important to work on your legacy.

It will give you personal guidance, definition, direction and above all it will help you to inspire others.

We humans need and crave inspiration to keep driving forward on life’s highway.

Think about your own defining traits, the things your good at and figure out a way to combine them and start building your legacy if you haven’t already.

When you do it will give life purpose and clarity.

What will be your legacy?

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Don’t Let Fear Control Your Destiny

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If you let fear control your destiny you are essentially strangling your inner strength.

We all have fears.

The object is to cautiously work through them.

What if Alexander Graham Bell had been scared to follow his aspirations to send voice signals over a wire and finally invent the world’s first telephone?

It would be a much less connected world than it is today. That’s for sure!

It’s good to have fear because fear keeps you on your toes but you can’t let it consume you.

Move forward in achieving your dreams even if others laugh at you and say it’s impossible.

Nothing is impossible!

Recognize that your fears are merely the mind’s subconscious reaction to what others are saying instead of what you are saying.

Do not, however, confuse fear with caution.

Caution is well and needed in order for you to control your fear and your destiny.

Caution allows you to set your mind and heart at ease.

Always take the necessary steps to learn the unknown in your life as well as your business.

Knowledge truly is power.

The more you know, the less fear you have.

It may take years but who cares?

Then and only then will you control your own destiny.

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Own the Blame and Win the Game

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Owning the blame and winning the game may sound a bit cliche to some but if you think about what it really means it may give clarity when we find ourselves bowing at the feet of human nature.

When you wake up on a rainy morning to thunder shaking your bedroom window it seems pretty normal to want to blame the weather for what’s already starting out as a really horrible day.

It can be just as easy to moan about how unfair it is that you have to take public transportation to work or that your business is failing because “The Man” is holding you down.

It’s in our nature to blame everybody and everything else for our problems. The ironic part is that 99.9% of the time our problems exist because we choose that path.

We complain and we ponder yet we never take any steps to remedy the situation.

It may be helpful to check out some of the writings of Dr. Stephen Covey. He’s an MBA from Harvard and has sold over 20 million books. One of his best known books is called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and in the book he makes a profound statement that really rung my bell if you know what I mean. The statement is simple and reads like this. “Your life doesn’t just happen…it is carefully designed by you!”

I interpret that to mean that you have all the control but sometimes human nature makes you think otherwise.

When you begin to own the blame it means taking responsibility for your actions and your future.

If things aren’t going the way you expected then by all means change directions.

Forget about the things you can’t change and start changing the things you can!

Win the game.

It’s just a mindset.

I used to wake up everyday and head off to a job I didn’t like doing anymore. Believe me…I complained for years and did my share of whining and bitching. I hardly ever smiled or laughed. Life had become stale and completely uneventful.

But…by keeping an open mind, reading the right material and aligning myself with people who think the same way I’ve been able to turn things around.

I wouldn’t say that I’m wealthy yet in terms of money but I’m on the right path and it’s a path that I’m happy to be traveling on.

The better advantage is that I no longer feel smothered by life but instead feel refreshingly alive. This is because I’m now making all the decisions and taking all the blame.

It’s good to finally realize that you’re in control of what happens to you.

When that reality becomes a habit that you explain to yourself on a daily basis your world can suddenly become very interesting and fun.

So when life starts to get you down and nothing seems to be going right just remember to own the blame and win the game.

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Ready to Give Up on Your Dream?

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Yep…I know the story all to well.

You’ve been working your butt off and trying to pay special attention to details simply because you know that in order to succeed it has to be done right….. and yet you’re still getting your teeth kicked in.

Kind of feel like your just spinning your wheels?

I’ve been there too but you can’t give in.

I don’t care if you’re an Internet marketer like me, a singer or even somebody who has an idea to offer the world the best kites they’ve ever flown!

You must not allow yourself to believe that you can’t have your dream.

Your dream is sacred!

Even if you’ve shared it with others…it’s still sacred.

A singer/songwriter will not become a great musician without first writing 30 ok songs.

As the saying goes….you really do have to get back up on the horse.

Believe me, I think I’ve made every mistake possible.

……..and as far as money goes.

When I first started this website and blog it earned only pennies per month.

It’s presently earning hundreds per month and one day when more of my visitors feel that I have earned their trust it will make thousands per month. Possibly even tens of thousands per month.

There have been many days I was ready to throw in the towel and just give up!

…But every time I began to lose my confidence I would always force myself to look back month per month and see what I have accomplished. Even though the monetary gains seemed small each month, the progress kept becoming more substantial. Success was taking form in ways other than just money. The site has continuously gained in regular readers and visitors, more people began switching over from just visitors to registered members, my writing skills have increased, I’m much less of an introvert now days, a new service has been added to the site, PageRank increased and so on.

When I looked at it in that light with the knowledge that the pay is still increasing it suddenly felt like I was succeeding and that gave me new hope to go on.

Keep your grand idea close to your heart and real in your mind!

When you feel like you’ve had enough and you’re ready to give up on your dream just look back and measure what you’ve accomplished.

We humans need to see and feel accomplishment in order to continue driving forward.

Don’t step on the brakes…..press on the accelerator.

Learn more….dig deeper.

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Thanks and Welcome

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The winner of our “Win a Free Professional Website Promotion” was notified earlier today.

We won’t be able to announce his name and site until he responds and lets us know it’s ok to do so.

In the mean time…I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to all who entered and played along.

It was a lot of fun!

Welcome to the site and I hope you find it useful.

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A strong mind creates its own reality

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The reality in which we live is the result of a set of actions created and produced by our own minds.

As long as it truly can be…. your reality is going to be whatever your mind perceives it to be.

Many people don’t know about this, never find out about it or don’t believe it. Most just think it’s goofy and therefore never really use the most capable tool they have.

When humans, like other animals, get hungry in the stomach we go out in search of food. If we can’t afford it or the food is not readily available our mind will tell us to go out and kill it if necessary but most certainly make it happen. This is a survival instinct of the mind. The hunger flows through your body and the mind will then begin manifesting reality. It will get what is needed!

Productive types have learned how to tap into this suggestive power of their minds and effectively create the kind of reality they desire.

If a person wants love they go out and find it. The same applies if money or power is desired.

Results, whether good or bad, are acquired by thoughts and then action.

I don’t want you to be thinking, after reading this, that all you need to do is repeat over and over that you want to be rich and it will just magically happen.

If you do you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Instead, find out the necessary steps to produce the outcome desired. Next, you need to get in touch with your inner self and begin believing whole heartedly that you are destined to succeed in your want or need.

Once you see proof of the suggestive power of your mind for the first time the excitement will cause you to produce bigger and better results each time.

I recommend starting small. For example, maybe just start telling yourself that you are going to be more lucky instead of unlucky. Give it some time, possibly a couple weeks for evaluation. Take note of every lucky thing that happens to you. It could be as simple as getting a closer parking spot that you usually don’t get when going to the grocery store. It’s not necessary to believe in luck but it is necessary to recognize that good and bad things happen in life on a daily basis.

All actions cause a reaction.

You will soon notice that your mind is telling you that more good things are starting to happen and the next thing you know you will be considering yourself a lucky person.

This is a real example of the human mind suggesting and manifesting it’s own reality.

Later when you get more practiced you will begin to see that you can create just about any outcome you want using suggestions to your mind.

So If you are currently unhappy with work or life just know that the reason you are in the situation is because you told your mind that this is what you wanted to do. Maybe it was a quick way to earn money to pay your monthly bills at the time and it worked so you continue to do it today. Similarly….It could be that you live with a person because it was advantageous when you met but now it only serves to restrain your happiness rather than improve your quality of life. People who live in these conditions haven’t desired to change things therefore they haven’t told their minds to do anything different.

Your mind is like a super computer that can be programmed to do whatever you want it to do.

Recognize that it takes time for highly desired outcomes to manifest because they are highly desired!

Above all…..put a plan into action.

By action.. I mean don’t just say it in your mind but also follow through with the steps needed to produce the desired outcome.

Remind your mind of what you want and then follow through with action.

Start making your mind stronger today and begin creating a new reality for yourself.

Best Wishes!

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Site Commenting Policy

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CommunityUpdate to previous commenting post.

This will be posted as the new site commenting policy.

Long story short….None of you had a clue of what was to be considered as acceptable comments on this site because I never gave you a clue….. That was my fault!

Please read the guidelines below for acceptable comments on this site:

…..It should be relative to the post.

…..If you want to include your link it should be in the title….not in the body of the comment.

…..Don’t even bother if your site is related to porn, gambling, weight loss, lottery, pharmaceuticals or anything else I may deem as BS…..Being shunned is no fun.

…..If you are linking from another site please refrain from using links to incomplete sites.

…..No profanity and no hate.

…..I reserve the right to add, subtract, modify these rules as I see fit.

…..Finally, as your ridiculously dedicated host, please let me say thanks for reading the site commenting policy.

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15 Habits of an Entrepreneur

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Einstein's theory image
Entrepreneurs are perfectionists – They will not rest on a project until it is perfect in every sense of the word.

Entrepreneurs are goal setters – They will generally set realistic goals and continuously strive to meet them. Once met, he or she will set new-larger goals and start the process all over again.

Not lacking in confidence – Most entrepreneurs have a high amount of self confidence which allows them to work well under stress and remain focused and persistent.

Urgent in nature – Entrepreneurs understand the meaning of urgency and use it in their everyday lives. There is no room for procrastination.

Leadership abilities – Most entrepreneurs have the uncanny ability to lead others to success.

Fails to recognize authority – Entrepreneurs are under the impression they can do a better job than most and therefore usually struggle with authority type figures.

Problem solvers – It is characteristic of an entrepreneur to solve problems. They enjoy it as problem solving seems second nature to them.

Not afraid to ask for help – Even with their general leadership abilities, the entrepreneur is not afraid to ask for help. They understand there are many people in the world smarter than themselves.

Intolerable – Entrepreneurs are generally short in tolerance and unknowingly insensitive to other people’s feelings when working with a group of people.

Risk takers – Most entrepreneurs are not afraid of risk. They evaluate the risk and view it as a necessary step to success.

Creative in nature – Entrepreneurs are generally creative thinkers. It is in their nature to get outside the box.

Know their strengths and weaknesses – Entrepreneurs leverage their strengths and marginalize their weaknesses.

Willingness to fail – Successful entrepreneurs have a “never quit policy.” They expect to fail and will always keep going until the task is accomplished.

Highly educated – Whether it is self education or the teachings of a school or University, entrepreneurs believe strongly in the idea of educating themselves.

Dream Big РBecause of their extreme self confidence, most entrepreneurs dare to dream big. No idea seems too large.

Best Wishes!

How To Raise Your First Million Dollars

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Something Is Amiss

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As a child growing up in the suburbs, outside the city of St. Louis in the 70’s, I played heavily and worried little.

During High School in the mid to late 80’s, I began working at a job, partied heartily and found love for the first time. However, something is amiss. I can’t figure out what it is.

After High School, I spent 3 years in the US Army and learned about fear. I also worked very hard and partied even harder. During this time, I experimented with love a bit more and shared a quick insignificant 1 year marriage mistake.

In 92 I got married for the second time and a few years later my beautiful baby girl was born. My daughter became the love of my life but something was still amiss.

A few years later, the honeymoon was over and so was the marriage. Divorce was quick and swift.

I spent the next 4 years in a blur of hard work struggling to help support my daughter but remaining sure to be her dad and spending as much time as possible with her.

In 1999 one of my best friends and I discovered we were ideal soul mates. She had two great kids from a previous marriage and they along with my daughter all got a long as loving siblings. Later we married and my son was born shortly after. We have the perfect family unit but something is still badly amiss.

The next eight or so years are spent raising children, working in good careers and living well rounded social lives but I still wasn’t satisfied and it was beginning to eat away at me.

I have to figure out what it is. I have a great wife, great kids, everybody is healthy, we both have really good jobs, we make decent money and have good friends.

What could be wrong? What is it that is so amiss?

In 2008 at the age of 37, I finally figured out the problem.

I needed more! I needed my life to count for something more than just family, love, good friends and stable careers.

What I truly needed was the freedom to grow personally. I wanted to create and help others with my creation. I wanted to work for myself but also wanted to be paid for it. The question was how to do it? I mean… my whole life I have been taught to get a good job and try to make as much money as possible.

I didn’t know much about working for myself. I had always worked for other people or businesses.

I immediately began personally building this website and I continue to build it. Not long after, I quit my job and also started an eBay business and continue to grow it. I created other websites and continue the fight to make them flourish. I learn as often as I can and as much as I can.

Now days, the family is stronger, my wife and I are happier and our friends are still our friends. The money is not yet where it was when I left my former employer but it is certainly marching in that direction. Sometimes the work is challenging. Other times it is very rewarding and satisfying.

The biggest difference is that nothing is amiss.

I guess the moral for this story, if one can be taken, would be to listen to your inner voice and act on it. Set your goals and make your dreams a reality. Don’t ignore or procrastinate for if you do you will never be truly happy.

Don’t let anything be amiss.

Best Wishes!

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50 Hopes For The Coming New Year

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Ever so often I want to write about something other than business. Tonight I want to talk about hope and my personal hopes for the coming new year of 2010. Hope is a very powerful human emotion. I believe that hope creates goals and goals are how we get things done. In about 24 days we all roll into a new decade.

The following is my list of 50 hopes for this coming year. They are in no particular order.

1. I hope less people get divorced.
2. I hope less children are born with deadly or lifelong diseases.
3. I hope more divorced people get to spend extra time with their kids.
4. I hope the world finds a way to defeat cancer.
5. I hope more married parents get to spend extra time with their young ones.
6. I hope more legitimate home businesses start to flourish.
7. I hope the year goes by slow.
8. I hope I see no more death in my family.
9. I hope we have less “real life” television shows.
10. I hope Gilligan’s Island returns to TV again.
11. I hope my daughter and I can get to know each other better.
12. I hope my business earns enough money so my wife can stay home with us.
13. I hope the world endures less natural disasters.
14. I hope less people go hungry.
15. I hope my wife endures less pain from the loss of her little brother.
16. I hope Plankton finally gets the Krabby Patty formula.
17. I hope more people buy homes.
18. I hope everybody who loss somebody this year begins to heal.
19. I hope taxes go down.
20. I hope there are less violent crimes.
21. I hope we get some life changing new music.
22. I hope I finish my downstairs bathroom.
23. I hope my neighbor’s dog stops doing its business on my yard.
24. I hope people find my marketing class extremely useful.
25. I hope to see my parents and brothers more often.
26. I hope “Drive In” Movie theaters make a comeback.
27. I hope more people read this blog.
28. I hope it is a prosperous year for most.
29. I hope we see less war.
30. I hope technology improves drastically.
31. I hope less people drink and drive.
32. I hope my wife’s van makes it through another year.
33. I hope I lose a few pounds.
34. I hope most of you enjoy this list.
35. I hope they send me the money for all these email lotteries I have been winning.
36. I hope the amount of homeless in the world drops considerably.
37. I hope somebody markets the hover craft and it becomes secondary transportation.
38. I hope McDonald’s starts getting my order right.
39. I hope the FDA gets serious about regulating the safety and effectiveness of prescription medicine.
40. I hope more musicians get their shot.
41. I hope my wife returns safely from her trip to Egypt in January.
42. I hope the Rams play better football.
43. I hope I can say hello to more perfect strangers.
44. I hope it doesn’t snow a ton in January and February.
45. I hope I become wiser.
46. I hope I don’t have to fly on a plane until June.
47. I hope I can cut back on drinking soda.
48. I hope Aerosmith works out their differences and remains a band.
49. I hope we all find some more time.
50. I hope this list gets tweeted, shared and re-tweeted.

That’s pretty much all I have right now. What are your hopes for the new year?

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