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How to Find More Website Traffic

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Are you constantly searching for new ways to find more website traffic? I’m betting you are. I spent a couple years trying to figure out different ways to find more website traffic. Mostly with dismal results.

As a matter of fact, I most often find myself writing about different ways to get traffic to a website because it’s the single most important step that people just don’t understand. Here’s a tip that might just help you get over that hump.

From my own personal experience, I will tell you (continue reading…)

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4 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

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As an online marketer I’m always looking for result oriented ways to increase my organic website traffic.

I’ve found organic traffic to be the most highly targeted and profitable traffic coming to my websites.

Don’t get me wrong…all traffic can be good including paid traffic as long as it is targeted and reasonably priced but organic traffic is by far the best.

It’s also however the most difficult and time consuming to obtain but well worth it in the long run.

This stands to reason since the majority of organic website traffic is generated by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and the biggest chunk coming from Google.

You see….Google and the other big players are interested in only one thing and that is providing the absolute most relevant information to their clients.

So the idea, of course, is if you can be sure your web pages have the most relevant information for a particular keyword you can be sure to get lots of organic traffic.

Below are 4 ways I’ve used to substantially increase my organic website traffic.

On-Page Optimization

Take a look at each page you want to increase organic traffic for and be sure you’ve used good SEO practices such as…

Using your keyword(s) in your title.

Applying alternative text to images.

Proper keyword density in comparison to amount of words on page. (roughly 2 to 3 percent)

Good meta descriptions and meta tags for each page.

A business phone number listed if available. (Looks more professional to search engines)

Proper anchor text used on each page for links.

Check for broken links frequently.

Quality Link Building

You should be constantly striving to build quality links for each web page you want to increase the organic traffic for.

Try to use the title of the page or your keyword as anchor text for each link you are building. For example….if you’re trying to compete for the keyword phrase ” stainless microwave ovens” your article or page title might be “Brand Name Stainless Microwave Ovens.” In this case I would recommend building your link anchor text using both phrases. Long tailed keyword phrases seem to be all the rage now so feel free to mix it up a bit but always making sure each link definitely includes the original keyword or phrase.

Always try to get your anchor text links displayed on relevant and quality websites as well. I don’t care what anyone says…PageRank is still a factor! So the more high pagerank links you can get using your keywords the higher your organic website traffic will climb. Just be sure the sites are in some way relevant and related to your product or niche.

Be sure to use an assortment of ideas for your link building campaign. ie…blogging, blog commenting, guest blogging, article marketing, image marketing, social bookmarking, etc.

Also…always seek out DoFollow sites to exchange links with. NoFollow sites and nofollow directories are acceptable if they have a high volume of traffic, relevant content and a targeted link building process in place.

Ease of Navigation

Keep all of your website and your inner pages easy for the visitor to navigate. Use keyword anchor text to switch between pages whenever possible.

Make sure you text is easy for the visitor to read and understand and free flowing with lots of white space if at all possible. Generally speaking, people don’t like to read big long paragraphs on their home computer or cell phones. It cause them to have to squint and makes it harder to read and enjoy.

If you can break your paragraphs into short 1 or 2 sentence paragraphs it will be much more pleasing to the visitor as well. When your website displays quality it cause more people to re-visit and link to it naturally.

Write Specific and Useful Content

By specific I mean narrow down your product or topics as much as you can per individual page and keep it extremely relevant to your meta description and meta keywords. In other words don’t just talk about “books” if your page keyword is “motivational books.”

Avoid duplicate content on your site. (the same content shown twice on your website)

Always be sure that your page offers the most value to a visitor as it possibly can. Avoid any kind of deception at all times.

Remember….the more valuable information your page has to offer…the more people will link to it and spread it around.

And don’t forget….the search engines are only interested in one thing and that is providing the most absolute relevant sites for whatever their customer types into that little search box.

You might also consider checking out a great little inexpensive book by Heather Lutze called The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing. Check out the reviews also. It can really help you understand how to put all this together and make sure your website is competitive in the search engine arena.

If you can become an expert at the above 4 things and remain patient you can increase your organic website traffic many times over.


A Real Viral Search Traffic Review

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In this post I wanted to give you guys a real review of the newly created Viral Search Traffic program.

I joined as a free member at the Viral Search Traffic website approximately 3 weeks ago. Yes…this is my personal link and I have no shame in placing it here…. Read on and you’ll see why.

As many of you know…I’m not afraid to try new traffic building ideas. I do, however, sometimes grow weary of certain traffic exchanges because they fail to produce targeted traffic but instead just low counts of untargeted random traffic.

When I first heard about I assumed it was going to be just another highly talked about traffic exchange that really only produced the random traffic noted above.

After joining and seeing it in action for three weeks now I am very happy to admit that I was wrong.

Viral Search Traffic is definitely the real deal and therefore so is this review.

I noticed right away when signing up that the program wasn’t a traffic exchange at all but instead a company who had formed a partnership with a new search engine. What’s more they found a way to generate excitement while at the same time forming a snowball effect of traffic for affiliates who tell others about the program.

The search engine is named cocoSearch and claims to be the world’s fastest search engine offering the same results Google gives only faster. It’s seems to be growing pretty fast due to the speed and design flow of their site joined with some amazing marketing and partnership deals.

This in itself is the beauty of the program!

When you sign up for a free account with Viral Search Traffic you are invited to create an ad which gets posted at the top of targeted page results for cocoSearch.

It’s just like pay-per-click but free.

Already since joining my ad has been shown 704 times at the top of targeted cocoSearch results pages.

It’s worth noting that I have not yet seen increased sales from the ad but that could be just as much my fault. Sometimes you have to test your ads and rewrite them many times before the sales start to show. I have not performed any ad testing or changed the ad yet. Yeah I know….I’ve been kind of dragging my butt! lol

I also like the fact that you can earn new traffic in three different ways.

First….you can search the web using a special cocoSearch link and you’ll get 1.2 credits just for regular searches. I personally chose to use cocoSearch as my default search engine while including the special link in my browser.

Secondly, you can get family and friends to use the special link and when they do you’ll get another credit for each of their searches.

Finally you can place a link on your site or send it to your list and get credits for all of their searches as well and it goes up to five deep. So basically you can earn credits for all the people who have signed up in your downline up to 5 for each one.

In the end you’re simply introducing other people to a decent new search engine and trading your credits from Viral Search Traffic to have an ad at the top of the search results…. The prize of course being the traffic is targeted and comes instantly.

One Negative – If you still use Google Webmaster, and you certainly should be, your either going to have to type in the term “Google” at the cocoSearch bar or you’re going to have to add a Google Search Box to your browser. It wasn’t too big of deal for me though. I just added the search bar to my browser but still use cocoSearch to search the web.

So in the end if you decide to join you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

I know I was.

I couldn’t be more tickled with the whole program and I hope my real Viral Search Traffic review will help you make your decision.


Auto Mass Website Traffic Scams

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This post was previously titled “Auto Mass Website Traffic My A**” because I was so very angry when writing this article.

I have since changed the title to “Auto Mass Website Traffic Scams” now that I ‘m over my anger.

It’s just that I sometimes become completely exhausted reading all the scams designed specifically to take advantage of new webmasters trying to increase their website traffic so I felt a need to try and help some of you either keep your money or spend it in a more productive way.

I also know those of you reading this blog are intelligent people and by now should fully understand that you absolutely can’t earn a serious amount of money online unless you have a large steady stream of targeted website traffic.

The problem is there are too many seasoned marketers who are all too willing to take advantage of the new guy.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t fall for the auto mass website traffic scams that many new marketers are falling for.

You know the type I’m talking about. It’s usually a long squeeze page or sales page sent directly to your email. They’re set up to specifically sell a clickbank product with the promise that as soon as you pay you will have hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to your site to buy your affiliate products.

Take it from somebody who’s been at this business for quite some time now.

It’s just not real!

I understand the page looks professional and with a money back guarantee how could you go wrong?

But trust me when I say there’s only two ways to get auto mass website traffic.

One way is to buy it through a pay per click program such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads or you could use a less expensive alternative traffic source. This way you can target for specific products and decide just how much you want to increase your website traffic. There really are people searching for your products and those are the kind of visitors you want.

The other way is to actually spend some time doing real SEO work getting your articles and web pages to the first page of the search engines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. It involves keyword research, building quality backlinks by providing real content that interested readers want and doing the proper on page optimization. If you don’t understand the process of on page optimization then I highly advise you start learning. You can begin at the Search Engine Journal.

I have had some luck with some traffic exchanges as well but you have to be choosy because some of them are a waste of time with very little traffic generation. The traffic exchanges I do use and trust are posted all over this blog and the website. I’m sure you’ve noticed the links.

Thinking about it…. I guess that’s really (3) ways to get mass auto website traffic. Oh well…three is better than two.

That’s it….these are the only real ways that I’ve found to get true auto mass website traffic. You can buy it, you can share it or you can increase website traffic with good old fashion SEO and hard work. The rest is all a bunch of trash designed specifically for the purpose of getting your credit card number. However, we’re always open to new ideas if you’ve stumbled across others that are proven.

Hopefully once you do finally get the amount of website traffic you need you’ll treat your visitors well and not try to take advantage of them.

Good Luck

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Register for a Free Website Promotion – 48 Hours Left

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The clock is ticking!

Don’t miss out on a chance to pay absolutely nothing for our awesome new service.

You have less than 48 hours to register for the free professional website promotion package.

See contest rules here.

Many people have already jumped on board and registered because they see the real value in the package.

The rest of you who are still a bit apprehensive need not be.

Your odds of winning are 1 out of 187 at this very moment.

The product is proven and opportunity is golden!

It’s a chance to finally get real visitors and targeted buyers to your website.

…..and somebody’s gonna get it for free!

Register now.

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Low Cost Targeted Website Promotion

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This is what we’re all looking for right? We want good reliable low cost targeted website promotion.

We want traffic to come to our site and we want a bunch of it.

I’m always researching different ways to promote my websites but I wanted to let you guys know I’ve had a considerable amount of luck using certain website directories.

Many of them are free to submit your information and each one serves as a new back link to your site. Some will even target local areas for you. Obviously, some of the better directories with higher amounts of traffic require payment for higher levels of site promotion but the cool thing about it is you can use targeted keywords for the title of your site.

As I have previously stated, keyword targeting is by far the best way to get buyers to your site who happen to be looking for what you offer. More often than not you can purchase a featured review of your site which generally last for a year. In some cases it can be a lifetime listing.

When you submit your site info to a directory you must pay attention to what category you are submitting to. People who use website directories will sift through the categories to find the information they are searching for.

Don’t place a link for your golf supply site in the “computers” category as this will cause you to get much less clicks and visits.

Ok…that’s about it for today.

Now go promote your site.

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Outside the Box Website Advertising

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hand shaking

The competition in today’s website marketing is so fierce that you really must do everything you can to get outside the box.

While the term “outside the box” might be a little overused the idea itself is not.

It is absolutely imperative that you not only do all the normal social marketing, SEO work, blog commenting and directory submissions but also use your creative ability to advertise your website as well.

When I say get outside the box, I mean to think in different terms such as possibly contacting the owners of highly visible YouTube videos within your niche or industry and building relationships.  Then ask for permission to advertise on their video or even pay them for advertising within their highly watched videos.

You could also contact the owners of highly visible blogs and websites who have a tremendous amount of traffic and strike a deal with them to place your website banner or text link on their front page. Just know up front that you don’t get anything for free. You are going to have to introduce yourself and build a relationship with them first. After that you may want to offer some kind of assistance or something that may help them before they will agree to help you.

Another idea to try would be contacting some of the Twitter and Facebook stars with huge traffic and ask them if they would be willing to display your banner or text link on their pages. Remember… relationship first, then offer assistance and finally ask for reciprocal action.

The bottom line in acquiring amazing website traffic and advertsing comes down to having a worthy product and strong relationship building.

Many webmasters spend an inordinate amount of time making sure their sites are as close to perfect as possible. They are not going to let you in unless they get to know you and learn to trust you. Therefore you must learn to build relationships.

In addition, people love to shop and surf the Internet but they also still want to know who they are dealing with.

Your personal relationship skills must be above adequate.

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How to Really Get Serious Website Traffic

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galaxyI’m guessing you clicked on this title because you want to know how to really get serious amounts of website traffic.

Follow the directions of this article and you can have access to all the traffic in the universe for free.

I will try to be brief so follow along.

I have been doing this for over a year now. I’ve started new websites since the inception of the one you are now reading.

I’ve done a serious amount of social marketing on different social websites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Squidoo and the likes.

I know what it takes to get serious website traffic.

I’ve written hundreds of articles for my sites and other sites like eHow, EzineArtciles, GoArticles, and many others.

If you are looking for a way to increase search engine traffic and actually profit from advertising or possibly earn a living selling a product then start building a brand new site at this very moment. Build it using only if you want.

Keep the content of your site about one and only one subject. Narrow your niche down as small as possible. For example, if you are a watch freak then make your site all about Breitling Watches only. This will keep your keywords very focused and extremely search engine friendly. You will essentially write and display everything about Breitling Watches. The point is to get a serious amount of keyword density so that all the major search engines will see your site and know 100% that your site is a specialist when it comes to Breitling Watches.

Write 30 quality content articles with at least two images or pictures on each article before you go live on the search engines. WordPress will give you the option under “settings” to keep your site private from the search engines until you are ready to go live. Once you have your 30 articles written and all advertising in place then you can change your settings to be search engine friendly. The privacy settings will simply be changing the robot.txt files to disallow the search engines until such time you are ready to allow them.

Use your site keyword when you are linking out to other respectable sites related to Breitling Watches. This will help you to eventually rank for that particular keyword.

Be sure you use a theme that has built in SEO or download a plug-in such as “All In One Seo.”

Try to always use alternative text for your images.

Make the site user friendly and easy to navigate.

When you have your 30 articles complete and all Seo done properly then go ahead and change your settings to bring your site live.

Start immediately commenting on other blogs and sites about Breitling Watches. Make sure to leave a link back to your site with each comment.

Submit your site to the biggest blog directories and search engines.

Submit your feed address to the well know feed directories.

If you have completed all these steps properly, you will be seeing large amounts of traffic within days.

Always maintain your site regularly. Check and repair broken links, continue finding new Seo techniques, write new content for your site often.

Write quality content related to your niche for other well know sites in the top level niche and always link back to your site in the resource box.

Get to know other marketers in your niche.

Partner with the ones you trust.

Maybe Brightling Watches aren’t going to be your niche but you get my point. If you love ice cream and you are an ice cream expert then make your site about one kind of ice cream.

When you keep your keywords narrowed to one or two then you are greatly increasing your success rate. You will enjoy extremely high amounts of free targeted traffic forever.

If you read this article from start to finish, you now know how to get serious website traffic.

Best Wishes!


Content Relevancy Is Still Key

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I have three different websites now and the biggest thing I have learned to date is that the relevance of your content is still the key to high traffic. The speed of the site, links, looks and ease of use are all important but the actual content carries more weight than anything else.

To be more accurate, content relevancy as related to your site keywords is the true driving force behind your website traffic.

For example, this site has quite a few articles related to Internet marketing but the articles are all over the place. At times, I will write about article marketing, music marketing, content, affiliate marketing, motivation, internet sales and so forth.

The site is not directed to one particular market.

I still get a solid amount of traffic, however, my new sites get quite a bit more traffic when compared to the kind of traffic I received from this site when I first created it. The reason is because the new sites are focused on one subject.

In other words, the content on both new sites are extremely focused on 1 or 2 keywords as opposed to 10 to 12 keywords. This makes the content for those sites extremely relevant to the keywords thus driving more free organic search engine traffic.

I’ve also noticed the same goes with article marketing. If I keep the content that I write on ezines and other outlets fresh and focused they seem to do much better by way of traffic to the article.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this.

When building your sites, try to pick a subject that you are deeply interested in and write about only that subject. Keep your site keywords limited and stay up to date on the subject. If you can do those things you will always enjoy a large amount of free organic search traffic.

Here’s a video of Google’s Matt Cutts talking about the weight Google carries on content relevancy as opposed to site speed.

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Adding a Favicon Icon to Your Site

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Many people often ask why they need a favicon icon for their website.

The answer is quite simple.

A favicon icon is a small image usually 16X16 or 32X32 pixel which shows up in the address bar of your browser immediately before the website address itself. When a visitor bookmarks your site it will also display the favicon icon in their list of bookmarks.

In simplest terms the tiny little icon serves as a means for previous visitors to easily find your website in their list of bookmarks. This is just one more small but significant tool to help generate additional website traffic.

It’s a bit of a subconscious thing but it definitely serves it’s purpose! If you ever pay attention to the address bar and the icons in your list of bookmarks you will notice that some if not many of the saved addresses do not have favicons. The only image you’ll see next to the web address is what appears to be a white sheet of paper with the right hand upper corner bent over.

If your site has a unique or bright colored favicon icon it makes your site much more memorable and easier for your visitors so they may come back to your site without having to search through all the different sites listed in their bookmarks.

People like things to be easy so make it easy on them!

Many webmasters don’t use a favicon simply because they don’t know how to create one or they believe it may be too difficult. It’s actually, however, quite easy to understand. The file has to be an actual icon file with the .ico extension at the end of the file name. An example of a properly designed icon file might read “my_site_favicon.ico” when completed.

Rather than struggle to try and build the file yourself you can easily generate a favicon icon for your website by visiting a website named Dynamic Drive.

All you need to do is upload the image for your file and click the “create icon” button. When finished just save the file to a location on your computer then upload it to your website.

Simple as that!

Now….go and add a favicon icon to your site today and make the act of re-visiting your site a little easier for your visitors.

Best Wishes!

Was this article helpful to you? I hope it was. If it did…. please share this page with others using the bookmarks below.

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