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maze with lost soulThousands of potential visitors and customers are trying to find what your site offers on a daily basis.

Don’t leave them lost and helpless in an overwhelming search engine maze.

As an online business owner it’s your job to give them a straight path to what they’re looking for.

You must promote your website regularly buy building high quality relevant one-way backlinks pointing back to your site.

If you have good content and a product that others want or need there’s only one other thing that can make your website successful and that is of course traffic.

Without a steady flow of targeted visitors you’re conversions will be minimal at best.

It’s imperative that you promote your website by building permanent related one-way backlinks through the use of powerful keyword anchor text.

Building an assortment of relative backlinks from trusted sites is the best way to ensure your customers are finding your business before they find your competitors.

Generally speaking….the higher the Google PageRank a backlink has the more valuable it is to your site because higher PageRank sites are seen as trusted and usually bring lots of traffic with them.

……………………..NOW HERE’S THE PROBLEM……………………………………………………

The more we talk about promoting your website the more we find that most of you understand it is a necessary evil but just don’t have the time or the resources.

With this in mind…..we’ve put together a great service which will promote your website for you.

By allowing us to carry out a targeted campaign with the use of your chosen titles and keyword(s) we can not only begin to send a serious amount of traffic to your lead and sales pages but also help your home and interior page rankings.

This highly effective promotion package is capable of sending your website straight to page one of the search engines if your niche has low to mid-level competition. Niches with higher competition may require additional work but will still see a sizable traffic bump.

The offer:

10 submissions to popular high traffic social bookmarking sites!

  • 1…..PR9 site
  • 5….PR8 sites
  • 1…..PR7 site
  • 1…..PR6 site
  • 1…..PR5 site
  • 1…..PR4 site

In addition you will also receive:

100 Deep Link submissions to top online directories with a PageRank of PR0-PR4. - These are not automated search engine submissions. Your url’s will be manually submitted using keyword anchor text to valid directories designed to help people narrow down a specific niche or service before they search. Directory submission is a reliable SEO technique used by major Internet retailers all over the world. A deep link directory is one which will allow submission from interior site pages or the home page. Good SEO practice tells us that your site must rank high for inner pages as well as your home page. Common knowledge tells us you can’t sell everything on one page of your site so it’s vital to send backlinks to interior pages as well.

Completion time: 5 days - If the major search engines see the backlinks appearing too fast they may assume it’s spam and ignore the links. This is a completely white-hat and search engine friendly service so we ask for 5 days to be certain your backlinks are added in a natural manor which will be satisfying to all major search engines.

Price: $24.95All work is performed manually by myself and two trained associates. Unlike similar services, we will build your backlinks with the utmost care and attention specifically designed to increase your site’s PR and promote website traffic.

Guarantee: - Upon completion a report will be sent to you via email listing all your new links and locations. You will also be provided with url’s for your completed 100 directory submissions. There will be no refunds once the backlinks are submitted because at that point services have been rendered and the work has already been done. You may, however, rest easy knowing extreme precision will be taken to promote your site . Our intentions are for you to be so happy with the service that you may consider writing a review to let others know about it.

Upon Purchase: - Once you have completed checkout you will be redirected to a form requesting the following information.

Name: enter your real name.

Email Address: enter a valid email address where we may send your completion report.

Up to (2) Titles: enter your article or web-page heading in 60 characters or below.

Up to (2) Url’s: enter the page url you wish to promote. example: http://mysite.com

Up to (2) Descriptions: 200 characters or below describing your site or web-page.

Category: enter the category which best describes your site. Examples would be – Business, Sports, Shopping, Games, Computers, Health, etc.

Keywords: 6 or less keywords.


Here’s what our most recent customer had to say about our website promotion package.

“Thank you very much for your help. Your services were fast and professional with an excellent price. I will highly recommend you to others. As a matter of fact, I have already started.” Nathaniel Garner – www.myforeclosurebattle.com


Submit your secure order today and promote your website like the pros do.

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* Please do not submit sites related to pornography, gambling, hatred, promoting violence, online pharmacy or otherwise illegal. Your site must also be complete and not “under construction.” Submissions failing to observe these policies will be refunded immediately and no services will be performed.

questions email: info@moderndaypeasants.com

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