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What You Need To Know Before Adding Affiliate Links to Your Blog

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When done properly, adding affiliate links to your blog can be a relatively easy way to make money. Simply include links to products and services on your blog, then sit back and wait for customers to click them, earning you a nice paycheck for your referral efforts. Although the process is relatively simple, you have to know what you’re doing to be successful at it. There are specific strategies you’ll need to follow to make your marketing efforts lucrative.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners — Six Tips to Help You Get Started

Learn how to do affiliate marketing right with these six tips:

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How Long Does It Take For Online Affiliates To Make Money

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ChartHow long till I get paid was the first question I had also when I first started learning about affiliate sales and Internet Marketing. Everybody wants to make money so this is an understandable question.

The answer, however, is a little more complicated than that.

There are many variables that will ultimately decide how long it will take a person to start making money as an online affiliate for any company.

For Instance…Is your website designed to be profitable and easy to navigate? Do you even have a website and a blog? Is it just you working alone or do you have a team of people working with you? How much money do you have to invest? If you have little money to invest in your business, are you at least willing to invest a serious amount of your own quality time? Do you have plenty of targeted website traffic?

Does your site make it available for your customers and visitors to opt-in to your newsletter?

As you can probably tell, I could go on with the questions!

Now lets instead discuss facts.


The fact is that most affiliates, up to 97%, fail to ever make money with affiliate marketing or any other type of Internet Marketing. This is because they are working by themselves and lack the personal commitment it takes to develop a real working knowledge of online marketing.

Another fact……As with any other serious business, monetary gain will take place when relationships are built and trust is earned. You can build those relationships and that trust very fast with disposable money and extra people or you can build it slower with less money and on your own.

Either way…. it must be built!

Now, more than ever before in history, the business of Internet Marketing and online affiliate sales can be extremely lucrative for those who are willing to gain the knowledge and put forth the effort required to be successful at it .

Instead of asking “how long does it take for online affiliates to make money”……. try telling yourself who cares if it takes 2 months or 2 years.

Just know that if you’re committed to what you do and also enjoy your work while remaining sure to keep it about helping others you can’t go wrong.

Any online affiliate or Internet Marketer who can grasp that will earn droves of money over time.

Best Wishes!


Join One of The Best Affiliate Programs

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Want to join one of the best affiliate programs on the market? Drive traffic to your site with LinkConnector Affiliate Programs!. Learn about the advantages of naked link technology and how it can help you earn more money as an affiliate or as a merchant. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this company but if you haven’t now is the time to check them out. LinkConnector is much different from most affiliate marketing programs out there. The company offers advanced technologies to take your program to the next level such as pay per call, pay per go, fraud free protection and much more all with hundreds of the biggest brand merchant campaigns on the Internet.

The one thing that really stood out for me about this company is that they treat you like an important part of their business. In my opinion if you are going to be an affiliate for anybody they darn well better act like what you do matters because it is your hard work that makes them money. Of course you also make money for yourself as well and that’s kind of the point. It’s also very important to me that the program offers a wide variety of merchant programs and they certainly do have plenty to choose. Some of the merchants pay the affiliates per click, some are per lead and others are per sale. Variety is always good! You won’t need any special software. Everything is provided for you and they have some of the longest cookie tracking terms I’ve ever seen. Some of them are up to two years.

Anyway, I could go on about this company for quite sometime but it’s probably best if you go and check them out yourself. There is much to learn at LinkConnector. Go make some money! Visit the site today and join what I would definitely call one of the best affiliate programs on the market.

Best Wishes!

Earn More with LinkConnector


Make Your Blog Make Money – Affiliate Now!

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 by: Dan Waggoner

Roll of Hundred Dollar Bills

For those of you who have already set up a blog then we say good for you! Now it’s time to start making  it work for you. Make your blog make money. It’s great that you like to write and put cool pictures on for the world to see but that’s all it will do unless you put it to work. What do we mean by putting your blog to work. It’s not all that difficult really. It will involve some copy and paste work just like you have been doing while your building your blog. You can almost do it and watch television at the same time. The bigger question is what does affiliate mean. People are always talking about affiliate sales, affiliate marketing and this and that but what does it really mean? It is meant to be just how it sounds. When you affiliate you are associating yourself or brand or website with somebody else’s.  There are businesses on the Internet who will pay you to advertise their product on your website. Some of them will pay you well. Others will just pay ok but they will still be paying you. You will make money!

So where do you find these companies and businesses who want to pay you to advertise for them? You would want to use one of the bigger more respected affiliate networks like ClickBank or Commission Junction. Just Google them to find their home pages and set up your personal account. Everything is tracked via the cookie and when they make money you make money. After that is done all you do is copy and paste the codes onto your blog and publish it.  Try to keep the things that you advertise relevant to your website. This should help you out in the form of traffic flow. Remember, you must always have good traffic flow to your website. You can read on how to gain more website traffic in some of our other posts.

To sum it all up become an affiliate now and make your blog make money.


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