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Earn Extra Money Online Selling Beer

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I like an ice cold beer as much as the next guy but I sure never thought you could earn extra money online selling it.

However, in my never ending quest to find new ways to make money online I have stumbled upon just that.

Yep….you heard me correctly.

Interested candidates can sign up to be an affiliate for The Beer Machine Co. and begin earning extra cash online selling beer. Just scroll about half way down the page and you’ll see the affiliate link on the left hand side. You must have your own website to become an affiliate.

To be absolutely correct, you would be selling a beer machine along with loads of specialty beer mixes.

Seems a little crazy you say? Well…the company seems to be doing extraordinarily well for themselves and what’s more is they have been online since 1998. Those of you who have been internet marketing for any serious length of time must certainly know that a company who can last that long on the net is definitely doing something right.

In reading further about their company you begin to learn that they really do have a world class beer making machine which seems to be amazingly low priced for beer lovers around the world. The machine is priced right around $115.00 and includes one pack of beer mix, a brewing guide and everything else needed to brew quality beers at your home.

I would think this product should sell very well particularly in niches related to alcohol, entertainment, smoking, partying, dating, gambling, etc. etc.

But who am I to say where it will sell well?

We all know there are plenty people in the world who love beer and all it’s different flavors. Anyone can easily determine this by simply observing all the specialty micro breweries and bars popping up all over the world. Home brewing would be an added bonus for real beer conosurs.

Everybody wants to earn extra money online but so many people are promoting the same products all over the web.

This product, however, appears to be extremely unique in it’s own right and if promoted properly should sell well in just about any high traffic website.

My advice…..go sell some beer….just don’t drink up all your profits!

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