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Another Avenue To Make Some Online Money

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Just wanted to let everybody know that I recently found another avenue for you to make some online money. You will need to visit a site by the name of Bukisa.com. Some of you may or may not have heard of them. Basically the company is set up similar to eHow.com. You write content for them based on the categories they have listed and they pay you for it. I recently set up an account there because I like to write. It looks as though you will start off making money slowly, maybe $15.00 to $25.00 per month but as time goes on and you write more and more articles your pay will pick up. They are basically sharing their ad revenue with you and it seems to be structured aggressively. You get paid by the amount of traffic that visits and reads your content as well as the amount of friends that you refer to Bukisa.  From what I can tell the referrals must come thru your registered email so you can’t just place a link on your site and get paid for referrals but does that really matter?

In talking to other acquaintances of mine who are involved with this company you should be able to get your earnings up to $500.00 a month fairly quick if you stay busy. Other advantages would be that as a publisher your content will get a pretty wide range of publications.  The company will pay you via PayPal. Anybody from any country can register to write at Bukisa as long as you have a valid PayPal account. The articles, however, must be written in English. This should also be an excellent way to brand your identity or business because in your Bukisa public profile you can talk about your business or add a link to your company website. Bukisa’s site currently has a Google PageRank of 4 so this looks like another good quality backlink for your site as well.

So there you have it. Now that you know about this new avenue to make some online money go and make it!

Best Wishes!

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