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Earn Extra Money Online

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While the price of fuel, groceries and everyday living expenses continue to rise in this current economy it’s no wonder many are turning to their computers to figure out ways to earn extra money online.

I began the journey a few years ago.

In my opinion, the absolute best way to make extra cash online or even a substantial living is to create your own website and then market affiliate products or your own product(s) on the site. It just so happens that this blog covers almost all aspects of building your own online business from the design right down to product sourcing and check out. It can take some time and effort on your part to accomplish this task but well worth it in the end.

There are, however, other less substantial ways to earn money online if you’re looking for some quick spending cash.

You could fill out surveys for established online companies such as opinion place. This is a free service that AOL provides where you can earn rewards and cash to a PayPal account. There are other reputable online survey companies as well but also plenty of scams so be careful.

Another good way to earn extra money online is to become a virtual assistant. You would be basically doing jobs that a computer can not do. Check out a site like Amazon Mechanical Turk. They have thousands of task for you to do and you can have your pay deposited into your bank account or be paid with an Amazon gift card. You probably won’t earn much more than a few dollars an hour but  hey….. at least it’s extra money!

If you really want to spread your wings and fly I would recommend learning how to sell items on eBay. Just about anybody in the world can make money fast on eBay by simply selling stuff around the house that is not used or needed anymore. If you find that you enjoy it you can rest comfortably knowing that many individuals love it and will later buy wholesale products and run full blown 6 figure businesses on eBay.

Ok….That’s all I have for today.

Go make some money!

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