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Buy Wholesale Inventory Online

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inventoryAre you looking for the best place to buy wholesale inventory online? Sometimes I forget that having an online business is not just about affiliate sales. More often than not it has much to do with buying the inventory in bulk for your online store from a respectable wholesale company or group of companies and then marketing that product on the internet and through email.

There are so many scams and sub-par wholesale companies online trying to take advantage of small business people that one must be really careful when making such important decisions for their own business. When discussing the means that feeds your family you can’t ever be too careful.

There are also, however, some extremely reliable and outstandingly affordable bulk wholesale and drop shipping companies out there. You just have to wade through lots of bad to get to the good!

I’ve always admired and leaned toward Chris Malta and his Product Sourcing Experts at Worldwide Brands. Not only do you get access to the most trusted online wholesale companies out there but you also get the online business wisdom and advice from a real internet millionaire who also happens to be the President and CEO of the company. Chris Malta created his own fame and fortune via buying wholesale inventory and selling retail. He is also the author of some very helpful and highly sought after free eCommerce and eBay guidance books. The man has a ton of knowledge and doesn’t mind sharing it with others. This makes him a stand up guy in my book!

Worldwide Brands is a very respected company in the online wholesale marketing arena and has been for many years. They offer everything you need in one location to run an extremely profitable online retail business.

I would call you crazy if you took my word for it though.

Do your homework as any sane business person would and check them out for yourself.

Then it’s time to load your store with inventory from the world’s best suppliers.

Best Wishes!


Wholesale and Dropshipping

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I have received lots of questions lately about a supposed list of the best wholesalers and dropshippers in the business. While I’m quite sure there are plenty list out there and available you should be vary weary of most of them. The art of getting trusted wholesalers and trusted drop shippers for your eBay business or ecommerce site is just that. It’s an art. It generally requires stumbling your way through hundreds or thousands of them until you find one or two who will actually be able to always deliver the goods to you or your customers in a timely fashion and at a fair price.

Both companies below are well respected in the eBay and ecommerce community.

Wholesale and Drop Shipping with SaleHoo

This Company is 65,000 members strong and increasing everyday. They have over 8,000 pre-screened legitimate wholesalers, dropshippers, liquidators and manufactures who work directly with their members. The only negative I can think of is the company will charge you a small one time membership fee but they also offer a full 100% money back guarantee. With SaleHoo you should be able to make your membership fee back on your first one or two sales not to mention the added bonuses and sales tools they give you when joining their program. SaleHoo is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online. Sell the product, get paid by your customer and then pay your dropshipper.

Wholesale and Dropshipping with World Wide Brands

This company does all the market research for you! They have a massive data base with thousands of tried and trusted wholesalers and dropshippers. When you sign up for their program you will not only get access to the list but you will also get product sourcing education and a ton more helpful advice and tools from The President of the company right down to their gigantic member base. World Wide Brands will charge you a one time membership fee as well but you will soon see it is well worth it. Drawbacks: Fee is larger, however, when you see the size of the company and everything offered you will quickly understand. World Wide Brands is also a member of The Better Business Bureau Online.

Ok…. so that’s all I’ve got for you today. If you want to deal with the best and most reliable wholesale and dropshipping companies for your eBay or eCommerce store then I invite you to check them out. It just might prove to be one of the most lucrative business decisions you have ever made.

Best Wishes!

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