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Earn Extra Money Online Selling Posters

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Selling posters can be an awesome way to earn extra money online as long as you do it properly.

I’m not talking about buying a crap load of posters and then selling them on eBay. You wouldn’t be able to compete.

Rather I’m talking about becoming an affiliate and selling posters for the world’s largest poster and print store.

If you have a website and you have traffic to that website you can register for free and earn extra money online selling posters for AllPosters.com right here.

How much you earn is as always……completely up to you. It depends on how much work you put into it.

Everybody loves art work and everybody loves posters.

Being the largest poster and art print store in the world AllPosters.com has over 1 million products available to your blog readers and website visitors. They’ve been around since 1998 and sold posters, prints and art work to over 4 million customers to date.

They also do custom framing and multiple sizes allowing you to earn more money.

Once you become an affiliate you’ll have access to advanced tools such as deep linking, custom links, high converting banners, data feeds, web services and etc.

You will be paid monthly via USD check or PayPal.

The standard commission rate is 20%.

Remember though….if you’re going to earn money at this you have to do it right! Use the keyword knowledge and search engine marketing we’ve been talking about. Drive enough targeted traffic to those pages and you’ll do very well for yourself.

What are you waiting for?

You guys are always telling me you want more ways to earn extra money online so check them out and start selling posters on your site right now.

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Earn Extra Money Online as a Customer Service Agent

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If you have great customer service skills you can earn extra money online as a call center agent.

I recently stumbled across a company by the name of Working Solutions who hires home based sales and service agents to work as virtual employees in all types of fields such as health care and pharmaceuticals, travel and hospitality, communications, utilities, financial services, retail, technology, etc.

The hired reps generally work anywhere from 20-40 hours per week averaging about $9.00 to $13.00 per hour with the ability to earn as much as $30.00 per hour on special projects.

If you’ve been searching for a legitimate way to earn extra money online now is your chance.

You can apply at their site but know up front that the application process seems to be fairly rigorous.

This company has been around since 1996 and will only hire skilled professionals.

You should expect an exam to test your skills, a phone interview and background check.

The upside is if you are really looking to work from home and possess a strong work ethic you could very well find yourself earning a regular paycheck while setting your own hours.

They pay by direct deposit or check by mail.

For anybody having past customer service experience, this could be an excellent opportunity to earn some real extra money online.

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Earn Extra Money Online Referring Free Classifieds

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Today I offer another cool way to earn extra money online by simply referring people to free classifieds.

Just about everybody working online and particularly website owners are always searching for new ways to promote their products as well as their websites. I mean it’s kind of tough to grow a business without mass exposure right?

Free Classifieds Ads are a perfect alternative for doing just that. These classifieds are on a national level as well as the local level by zip code.

It’s free to sign up and when a member referred by you decides to become a premium member you will earn a healthy 40% of the purchase price. If you want to become an affiliate just click this link: Earn money from free classifieds!That’s an above average percentage for a simple referral. Everything is tracked with assigned affiliate tracking numbers. You can earn extra money referring your affiliate link by email or on a website. Cookies are stored for 30 days meaning when somebody visits with your link and upgrades within 30 days you’re going to get paid.

Premium members enjoy special benefits that regular members do not such as unlimited advertisements, spam protection, free hosting for images, free fully automatic classified ad renewals, a link to your website, no final transaction fees when you make a sale, insert PayPal and instant pay buttons, free unlimited html ads, 15% discount on feature ads, full account management features and the list goes on.

To a thriving business it’s almost like having your own online store which is already search engine optimized.

The company website has been around since 1999 and they are one of the biggest classified sites on the web.

I actually have ads posted on this site as we speak. If it wasn’t the outstanding program it is, I wouldn’t even bother recommending them.

To top things off you will also earn 5 percent of sales generated by affiliates who sign up under your link so it’s actually a two tier affiliate program.

It’s really a win win for everybody. You get to refer your closest business acquaintances to a service that could help grow their business tremendously and you earn extra money for doing it.

A person who knows a lot of people in business can earn a bunch of extra money online just for referring others to one of the oldest and best free classified sites on the internet.


Earn Extra Money Online Reading Emails

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I’ve recently stumbled onto another legitimate way to earn extra money online by simply reading emails.

It may sound a bit difficult to believe but it’s absolutely 100 percent true and 100% free.

Out of pure curiosity I signed up with a site called Hits4Pay which is basically a consumer advertising database that shares the ad revenue with their members.

It’s pretty cool if you’re like me and spend most of your days doing internet research and surfing the web because now instead of surfing just to learn and be more informed I’m earning extra money for it also.

I don’t expect to get rich doing this but I do earn extra money online for doing what I’m already doing anyway.

Here’s how it works.

Upon free registration they will instantly credit your account with $10.00 so you’ve already made extra money.

Next, they will ask you to choose up to 15 categories you might be interested in learning more about such as computers, contest and giveaways, hobbies and recreation, travel, home and family, money and employment, shopping and etc.

Then you will need to supply them with your PayPal email address so you can get paid and also fill out a W9 at their site for tax purposes.

After that you just sit back and wait for the emails to hit your inbox and the really cool thing is that the company doesn’t send the emails to your real email address… they go to your Hits4Pay email inbox. No need to worry about your real email address being spammed….mine hasn’t. They will, however, send you an email letting you know that you have new mail in your inbox to be read so you can get paid.

You will earn $.02 for every email you read and you must visit the advertiser’s website for at least 60 seconds. It’s no big deal though because the link to the website is included in the inbox email and so far there have been some pretty darn cool sites to visit.

Now you may be thinking that $.02 isn’t a bunch of money but it’s an easy way to earn some extra spending money online while learning at the same time. The pennies can begin to quickly turn into dollars if you know what I mean.

Also….if you find yourself not getting enough emails sent to your inbox you can always change your categories which should help to get more offers.

Your PayPal account will be credited every-time your account reaches the minimum $25.00 threshold.

So that’s all I have for the moment now go earn some extra money online reading emails.


Earn Extra Money Online Selling Beer

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I like an ice cold beer as much as the next guy but I sure never thought you could earn extra money online selling it.

However, in my never ending quest to find new ways to make money online I have stumbled upon just that.

Yep….you heard me correctly.

Interested candidates can sign up to be an affiliate for The Beer Machine Co. and begin earning extra cash online selling beer. Just scroll about half way down the page and you’ll see the affiliate link on the left hand side. You must have your own website to become an affiliate.

To be absolutely correct, you would be selling a beer machine along with loads of specialty beer mixes.

Seems a little crazy you say? Well…the company seems to be doing extraordinarily well for themselves and what’s more is they have been online since 1998. Those of you who have been internet marketing for any serious length of time must certainly know that a company who can last that long on the net is definitely doing something right.

In reading further about their company you begin to learn that they really do have a world class beer making machine which seems to be amazingly low priced for beer lovers around the world. The machine is priced right around $115.00 and includes one pack of beer mix, a brewing guide and everything else needed to brew quality beers at your home.

I would think this product should sell very well particularly in niches related to alcohol, entertainment, smoking, partying, dating, gambling, etc. etc.

But who am I to say where it will sell well?

We all know there are plenty people in the world who love beer and all it’s different flavors. Anyone can easily determine this by simply observing all the specialty micro breweries and bars popping up all over the world. Home brewing would be an added bonus for real beer conosurs.

Everybody wants to earn extra money online but so many people are promoting the same products all over the web.

This product, however, appears to be extremely unique in it’s own right and if promoted properly should sell well in just about any high traffic website.

My advice…..go sell some beer….just don’t drink up all your profits!

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Earn Extra Money Online

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While the price of fuel, groceries and everyday living expenses continue to rise in this current economy it’s no wonder many are turning to their computers to figure out ways to earn extra money online.

I began the journey a few years ago.

In my opinion, the absolute best way to make extra cash online or even a substantial living is to create your own website and then market affiliate products or your own product(s) on the site. It just so happens that this blog covers almost all aspects of building your own online business from the design right down to product sourcing and check out. It can take some time and effort on your part to accomplish this task but well worth it in the end.

There are, however, other less substantial ways to earn money online if you’re looking for some quick spending cash.

You could fill out surveys for established online companies such as opinion place. This is a free service that AOL provides where you can earn rewards and cash to a PayPal account. There are other reputable online survey companies as well but also plenty of scams so be careful.

Another good way to earn extra money online is to become a virtual assistant. You would be basically doing jobs that a computer can not do. Check out a site like Amazon Mechanical Turk. They have thousands of task for you to do and you can have your pay deposited into your bank account or be paid with an Amazon gift card. You probably won’t earn much more than a few dollars an hour but  hey….. at least it’s extra money!

If you really want to spread your wings and fly I would recommend learning how to sell items on eBay. Just about anybody in the world can make money fast on eBay by simply selling stuff around the house that is not used or needed anymore. If you find that you enjoy it you can rest comfortably knowing that many individuals love it and will later buy wholesale products and run full blown 6 figure businesses on eBay.

Ok….That’s all I have for today.

Go make some money!

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