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Earn Extra Money Online Referring Free Classifieds

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Today I offer another cool way to earn extra money online by simply referring people to free classifieds.

Just about everybody working online and particularly website owners are always searching for new ways to promote their products as well as their websites. I mean it’s kind of tough to grow a business without mass exposure right?

Free Classifieds Ads are a perfect alternative for doing just that. These classifieds are on a national level as well as the local level by zip code.

It’s free to sign up and when a member referred by you decides to become a premium member you will earn a healthy 40% of the purchase price. If you want to become an affiliate just click this link: Earn money from free classifieds!That’s an above average percentage for a simple referral. Everything is tracked with assigned affiliate tracking numbers. You can earn extra money referring your affiliate link by email or on a website. Cookies are stored for 30 days meaning when somebody visits with your link and upgrades within 30 days you’re going to get paid.

Premium members enjoy special benefits that regular members do not such as unlimited advertisements, spam protection, free hosting for images, free fully automatic classified ad renewals, a link to your website, no final transaction fees when you make a sale, insert PayPal and instant pay buttons, free unlimited html ads, 15% discount on feature ads, full account management features and the list goes on.

To a thriving business it’s almost like having your own online store which is already search engine optimized.

The company website has been around since 1999 and they are one of the biggest classified sites on the web.

I actually have ads posted on this site as we speak. If it wasn’t the outstanding program it is, I wouldn’t even bother recommending them.

To top things off you will also earn 5 percent of sales generated by affiliates who sign up under your link so it’s actually a two tier affiliate program.

It’s really a win win for everybody. You get to refer your closest business acquaintances to a service that could help grow their business tremendously and you earn extra money for doing it.

A person who knows a lot of people in business can earn a bunch of extra money online just for referring others to one of the oldest and best free classified sites on the internet.


Lock Your Spot

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Check out this video and lock your spot in the new company 360 Degrees.

It’s free to join and there are only 9 days left to get in.

I usually don’t get involved with too many new and up and coming companies simply because they aren’t yet proven. This company however seems to have there stuff together and it looks like it’s going to be a very profitable venture. It’s free to join so lock your spot now. The average rate of sign ups is 2000 per day. There are people all across the world joining this thing so you know it’s going to be big. It will of course require a little work on my part and yours but then again nothing comes for free and I believe the rewards will be substantial.

Earn money…..it’s another stream of income.

The company’s official launch date is May 15th. The deadline is right around the corner. I locked my spot and now it’s time for you to lock yours.

Best Wishes!

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Free One Way Backlinks=Serious Targeted Website Traffic

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by: Dan Waggoner

website trafficI’ve recently found the most innovative way of building an incredible amount of Google safe yet free one way backlinks while at the same time driving serious amounts of targeted traffic to your website. Generally speaking, when I find a new program I will usually just put a link on my site and let everybody check it out but ever so often I come across a true gem that I really need to elaborate on.

If you visit a site by the name of FreeTrafficSystem.com you can read and learn more about it but I will try to give you the basics. The word “free” really stood out to me. Who doesn’t like free?

Basically all you need to do is register at their website, set up your keywords and enter your website or blog address. Then write some articles for other bloggers to use on their site. You can pick the niche and keywords that you want to target and get up to 120 one way backlinks to your site for each article. They have thousands of bloggers waiting for new articles with valuable content.

Get enough targeted backlinks and it will drive your own site to the top of the page for Google, Yahoo and Bing. The top of the page is where you want to be to get the most visitors and in return earn more money.

What’s more is they have a two tier affiliate program you can sign up for to earn money and get even more backlinks when you send people to the site with your affiliate link.

You would only get paid if the visitor signs up for the PRO Membership account but you will continue to get free backlinks from any member you refer who actively participates and writes articles for the network to use. The PRO members can get up to 720 targeted backlinks per article and also enjoys quite a few more benefits like priority support and moderation, access to exclusive SEO info, discounts on special services and so forth.

For those of you with business websites or blogs who are lacking in the targeted traffic and backlink department, I highly recommend checking into this as soon as you can. This company has impressed me enough to join and even write a blog post about them. They have a huge network, very informative “how to videos” and seem to really have their act together.

Best Wishes!

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Advice for Internet Marketing Newbies

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by: Dan Waggoner

Today I want to give some helpful advice for the Internet Marketing Newbies. Yes, I know that the term “Newbie” is a terrible word. I hate it too, but hopefully it will get the point across. I am still relatively new in this field myself.

My advice is simple and it comes from my own experiences and what I’ve learned so far. Read as much as you can and learn as much as you can but work in your own league. Be very weary of the so called Big Shots and Gurus out there.

Partnering with other people is good and can be very beneficial but try to do it with people and or companies who are on the same level as you. How do you know who is on the same level as you? It’s simple. If you make an attempt to contact somebody and they either (A) don’t respond at all or (B) send you some kind of automated response then they are not in your league and a waste of your time.

You’ll accomplish much more partnering and learning with people who actually personally answer their emails. The gurus are too worried about getting your money as opposed to trying to earn money with you. Besides, why would you want to deal with somebody who won’t even respond to an email or who sends out automated responses. To me that’s just not a good way of doing business. I make it a point to personally answer all my emails in any given day if it’s a real email. I don’t answer automated email addressed to me because it’s not real people. It’s just somebody trying to sell me something. Take it from a guy who spent 16 years in the people business. You can never do better than giving the personal touch.

Understandably some of them are doing so well that they don’t have time for the small timers like you and me but that just solidifies my point. Internet Marketing can be a great business to be in and there is much room for advancement but always try to associate with real people and for that matter always treat people like they are people. Don’t waste your time or money on somebody who is too big for their own good.

Simply put, as an Internet Marketing Newbie it’s ok to learn from the Guru but don’t become the Guru.

Best Wishes!


Blogging for Success!

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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” ……..Herman Cain.

For those of you who have read my articles and previous posts you know and understand I am big on using the words “multiple streams of income”. The reason is because I personally believe that to be very successful online you need to set up multiple ways to get paid. If you are going to make alot of money then you should be experimenting with many different online ideas and concepts. I have listed multiple ways to do that on this website and blog and will continue to list more in the future. Today I want to discuss what I call the “central bank” for your online career. If you really want to make a living from home and earn enough money to make a difference in your life there are 2 main factors that will help you succeed in your quest. First you must create your website and then follow it up and drive traffic by building and promoting your blog.

Build Your Website

  • First you need to set up your own website. I have recommended a few methods to use in previous blogs. Look into HostGator Web Hosting and also check out Ken Envoy’s newsletter and his company Site Build It! Both HostGator and Site Build It are miles ahead of their competition in terms of usability and customer service. Try HostGator first to keep the cost down and if you can afford them both then absolutely go for it.  You are only increasing your chances of stronger profits. These are both outstanding companies and the best part is they will both pay you very well along the way if you choose.
  • Take your time and think of a great domain name. Preferably using a keyword related to your business.
  • Think in terms of Business Branding. You want your site and it’s name to be known well!
  • Learn as much as possible about and try to find niche products.
  • Add great content that is helpful to your visitors and easy on the search engines. (Mostly all typing and copy and paste)
  • Make your website “Sticky” – (Great stuff that people keep coming back for….useful…helpful)
  • Add secure and safe check out procedures if you have a web store  or plan on selling your own product.
  • Do not publish too soon!!!!
  • Learn about and apply proper use of meta keywords and descriptions for each page on your site.
  • Make your website easy to understand and follow.
  • Make your site easy to access by all browsers.
  • Learn all there is to know about Search Engine Optimization. (Lots of  SEO info. on this blog)
  • Always test your site before publishing as well as an ongoing basis for broken links and errors.
  • Use “Keywords” in your titles on each page.
  • Add alternative text to your site’s images so the search engines can read them. Remember search engines only read text.
  • Monetize your site by adding Google Adsense. Let Google pay you for your advertising space.
  • Add affiliate links if you wish. I actually recommend it even if you are selling your own product on the site. Do not be embarrased to offer affiliate links. Just make sure the ads are related to your site’s content and also make sure they are products that can benefit your visitors. There is nothing wrong with a company charging a fee for a great product. People don’t expect great things to be free. The company should be paid and so should you for allowing them to advertise on your site.
  • Write a good “about us” page so your visitors understand and know who you are and what you do.
  • Add a privacy policy
  • Test some more and when you’re absolutely ready go ahead and publish it to the world.
  • Sumit your new website address to all the major Search Engines, Directories…ie…Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Bing, Aol, All The Web…etc….etc.
  • Start building one way back links to your site. (Very important in gaining new traffic)
  • Sign up with Google Analytics to track your progress and your visitors to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Stay on top of it.
  • Enjoy what you do.
  • Keep success in your mind.

Now Build and Publish Your Blog

  • Most good web hosting companies will offer you a blogging platform at no additional charge. I will discuss WordPress.org because it is offered free with the HostGator Baby Croc Package and because WordPress.org in my opinion is the best blogging platform offered today in regards to Usability and Design.
  • Sign up for the WordPress.org account.
  • Take a day or two to read about WordPress and understand the different functions, plugins, themes, tools, links, profiles, etc which are now at your disposal.
  • Choose a usable blog theme. Make it a custom theme if you can afford it.
  • Click plugins on the left side of your WordPress control panel and then click add new plugin.  In the “add plugin” search box type “All in One SEO” or “Platinum SEO” . Download and activate one of these two plugins. I personally prefer Platinum SEO because it has a few more helpful tools at your disposal in the settings. Take the time to learn how these plug-ins work.
  • Decide on a title for your first blog post. Use keywords in your titles and don’t take the title process lightly. A good title can make the difference on small amounts of visitors and huge amounts of visitors.
  • Keep the body text between 250 and 650 words.
  • Write great content related to your website and useful to your audience.
  • Be careful to not write too many sales ads.
  • Sprinkle keywords carefully into your article like an hourglass. Maybe one in your title. A few in the opening statement. A few less in the body. A Few more in your closing or summary. Don’t over do it.
  • Keep your readers first in your mind. SEO tactics should be second.
  • Use Post tags on each article.
  • Create links to your website.
  • Keep up with all the great plugins to make your life easier
  • Learn about and add an Rss Feed.
  • Have an opt in email form to build a customer database.
  • Add Google Adsense to your blog to gain more money from Google for allowing them to advertise on your site.
  • Add affiliate links and advertisement to your blog but make them helpful and useful to your readers and visitors. Think again in terms of niche products.
  • Always publish your post only after testing and making sure everything is in place and working order and to your satisfaction. Never hurry!
  • Add your blog to social marketing and bookmarking sites…ie…Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Blogger.com, Blogged.com, Technorati..Delicious, Stumble Upon,..etc…etc. Use social book marking  and marketing to your advantage website and blogs advantage. There are millions of interested readers out there.
  • Like your website the success of your blog requires creating quality one way back links to it as well. Add more back links. Make sure the links are websites which are related to your site’s content with higher Google Page Ranking if possible. This will secure even more traffic and visitors.
  • Get a rhythm down. Don’t write too little and don’t write too much. Once a week or so should be sufficient.
  • Be aware of Google Page Ranking but don’t get too tied up in it too soon. Good Page ranking also comes with good content unless your niche is very competive in which case it will take longer to rank high and will require more quality back links than other niches.
  • Be sincere!
  • Be friendly!
  • Partner and Network with as many people and businesses you can. Hopefully related to your website and blog content.
  • Enjoy yourself! Have a blast. Interact with your visitors!

And the list goes on and on! If I missed a few due to time restraints feel free to add your ideas in the comments. Feel free to link to this page or bookmark it and use it as a reference while you’re working. Remember you will never stop learning. The day you do is the day it’s over with! Perform all the steps listed here and you will be well on your way to a rock solid income to be proud of. You will be blogging for your own success.

Best Wishes!


Where To Start Earning Money Online?

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It seems that everyday now I get an email from a reader or an acquaintance and sometimes friends and relatives as well. They all ask me the same question.  Where do I start earning money online and is there really money to be made?

I will try to answer those questions separately for everybody reading.

My advice is to start with whatever you think you can handle. Regardless if that means joining a survey company and doing one or two surveys a month and making an extra $20.00 to $50.00. Maybe just sign up for a multi level marketing (MLM) company and send and receive referrals strictly by email. If you really want to take a leap then set up a website or blog and start marketing your own product or affiliate products. This is the sincere beauty of the Internet. It really doesn’t matter. I tell everybody that throws me that question the same thing I’m getting ready to tell you. Do Something! The worst thing you can do is sit and talk about it. Anybody can do that. Just talking about it won’t make you a dime! Most of you already know this but if you want something in life you have to reach out and grab it. Chances are that it won’t come to you so you have to go get it. Start by doing it part time between your other activities…ie..work – family and social life. Get on the Internet and start reading and networking with other people in search of the same thing. You will find that while there are plenty of scammers out and about there are also plenty of good people who are willing to help you along because they’ve been there themselves and remember how it was and because they genuinely want to help others. Good people do still exist in this world! You just have to wade through some bad to find them.

As to whether or not money can be made. The answer is a resounding yes! Considering the fact that there are 1.6 billion Internet users in the world and almost 252 million in North America alone I would say your odds are pretty good. It’s not a question of can you earn money. It’s a question of will you reach out and grab it.  More and more people are earning money everyday online. It’s because they stumble across something that actually got their attention and they were willing to take a chance and sacrifice some of their time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Internet is unlike other businesses because in a sense it’s not. Most businesses require an investment on your part be it online or out in the streets. Some are small and some are large. It’s like anything else. It just depends on your interests and what you think may keep you interested and what you can afford. If you can’t afford much right now then go after the freebies and take it day by day. With bigger risk usually comes bigger rewards so if you can afford some money to invest then look into a few larger opportunities. There are so many out there!

My personal recommendation is start right away! Get involved with as many different ideas and opportunities as you possibly can but always do your research prior to jumping in. I have tried to list here on my website and blog the ideas and businesses that stood out to me. I will continue to find more of them for you but there are hundreds of thousands of others out there as well. I am personally a fan of multiple streams of income so I like to leverage my time and money in as many opportunities as possible. This way I always have money coming in from multiple places. That works for me but may not work for you. The main point is as I stated earlier…..Do Something! Don’t just sit there at your computer wishing that something would come along and make you rich. Earning money online is like any other business. If you want to succeed you have to work hard at it. It doesn’t happen overnight for 99.9% of us but I can tell you one thing for sure as somebody who does earn decent money online. If you put your mind to it, set some goals for yourself and start doing something right this minute you will be a whole lot closer than you were yesterday.


Want To Generate True Quality Website Traffic Fast?

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traffic jamWebsite lacking in the traffic department? Have you tried everything you know to increase search engine traffic but still only getting dismal results? Don’t feel like you’re the only one! Generating true quality website traffic is the #1 road block to webmasters all around the world. Anybody can build a beautiful website with rich content that’s easy to navigate but without a dedicated flow of solid traffic to that website then that’s all it is and all it will ever be! Without the visitors your profits will be sour at best if you ever even earn a penny.

Hopefully you have completed the other tasks that a good webmaster should have done such as proper optimization by way of keywords being used correctly, alt text for your pictures, testing interior links, making sure of easy navigation for your visitors and started to build some quality backlinks for your site. Yes….it is true…targeted one-way backlinks is where your hoards of visitors will come from. Now I know that some of you more experienced webmasters are at this minute saying to yourself “yeah yeah…..we know all about the backlinks” . My response is I certainly hope you do. Quality one-way related backlinks is the main necessary ingredient needed to increase your search engine traffic. They will determine if you win or lose in the world of online marketing. You see the major “search engine crawlers” or “internet soldiers”, as I like to refer to them, are the very robots that will bring that lovely traffic to your website. You will be able to tremendously increase your traffic if the search engines know they can trust you. The only way they can know that is if you have hundreds if not thousands of other articles and links all over the internet pointing to your website. Once the search engines begin to see the related backlinks you will have effectively increased your traffic. How much it is increased will depend on the amount and quality of the back links along with proper on-page optimization.

So now we’re at the meat and potatoes of this handy little article. Let me get right to it! If you spent 8 hours a day writing quality articles and installing quality one-way links all pointing to your website it would take about 7 months to a year or maybe longer to get the kind of website traffic you  truly need. You should have about 1000 links and articles but to be quite honest 3,000 to 5,000 or more would be even better. If you have that kind of time then go ahead and build them slowly. If you don’t have that kind of time and you need to be making good money now by increasing true quality website traffic then check out some of these alternatives.

You’ll be seriously glad you did.

Learn how to increase instant targeted website traffic.

Learn more about getting better visitors to your site.

…..and also:

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