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eBay Levels the Playing Field for Sellers

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eBay has made a decision to level the playing field for sellers and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Starting October 26th, 2010 eBay sellers will be limited to one fixed price listing per identical item.

Now…I can understand many of you saying who cares…. What does that do for me?

Well…for those of you who didn’t know, eBay has a search system similar to Google and as a matter of fact many eBay listings are regularly found in Google searches. This new policy will help prevent eBay search results from being dominated by multiple duplicate listings from one seller and effectively level the playing field for smaller sellers.

There are plenty power sellers who regularly list the same item multiple times and sometimes as much as 25 to 50 times per a single listing. The logic behind this is to be the first item shown for any particular item searched.

When they do this it causes two negative effects. First of all it dampens the buyers experience by cutting down on the selection available or forcing them to search through hundreds of the same items just to find the unique item they’re looking for.

Secondly…it drastically reduces exposure for smaller sellers who can’t always afford to pay multiple fees for the same listing.

This new rule does not apply to auction style listings and rightfully so….if you want to auction all your merchandise off for pennies then be my guest.

eBay has stated that any duplicate listings still around on October 26th will be automatically ended. Insertion fees and listing upgrade fees will be credited to your next invoice. In addition, sellers who continue to create duplicate listings could be subject to loss of fees, limits on account privileges, loss of seller status or account suspension.

I’m not sure how well this new policy is going to be accepted by bigger sellers, however, I can say that it makes me personally feel like eBay is taking appropriate measures to look out for all of it’s customers regardless of how much they buy or sell.

Congrats on a job well done eBay!

It seems to me that as the playing field becomes more level it will only increase the shopping and selling experience for everybody involved.

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