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The Undisputed King of eBay Media

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Today I want to share with you another super eBay success story?

I know a guy who, at the ripe old age of 26, has earned himself an above average living as the undisputed king of eBay media selling discounted new release blu-ray movies as well as new and used DVD’s and Music CD’s.

His story is true and I know it to be factual because he is my little brother Derrick Waggoner.

Right now I’m in Nashville, Tennessee at his home office enjoying a great opportunity watching the daily logistics of his business in action.

It all started about 8 years ago in 2002 when Derrick was still a senior in High School. At that time he wanted to be in the FBI and had already been researching the steps necessary to become an agent. He was also searching for a way to earn extra money for college which prompted him to begin self teaching himself about how to sell items on eBay.

Derrick saw the kind of money people were earning on eBay and went out immediately and found a special sale at a local office supply store. The sale was for a multi-pack of blank DVD-R’s. The item had an instant in-store rebate making it free after purchase. He went home and listed on eBay and sold it for a profit.

That was all it took for my little brother to start building his empire. The first year he had $10,000 in sales doing that very thing. He would watch the paper to find stuff on sale then buy it and immediately re-sell it on eBay.

In his third year he made $30,000 in sales and his FBI ambitions were slowly fading away. Derrick had built a legitimate business without investing one penny of his own money.

It wasn’t until mid 2007 when his business began to spread it’s wings and really took off.

A trusted wholesale supplier had been watching Derrick’s sales on eBay and decided to contact him. Derrick had been saving his profits for the right moment and this was it. He purchased a huge lot of new release movies on DVD and the rest is history!

Today his business is now doing approximately $20,000 in monthly sales.

He specializes in New Release Blu-ray movies but also offers newly released music CD’s along with new as well as used DVD’s.

Derrick makes it a point too offer the lowest price with the biggest variety. Many people visit his site at eBay and Amazon on a weekly basis just to see what new releases he has available. Others shop with him because they know if they want a certain title he is going to have it available 9 times out of 10.

The majority of his business still comes from eBay but he now also markets his media products on Amazon.com, Craigslist and through email.

I asked him what message he would want to tell others seeking to build their own legitimate online business and his response was simple.

“Buy cheap, work hard and treat your customers extremely well.”

In my opinion it is the traits noted above that have earned him the title as the undisputed king of eBay media.

My family and I are so very proud of my little bro and wish him only the best for his business in the years to come.

You can check out some of his movies and other media available at his eBay links noted above.

Best Wishes!

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