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eBay Selling Tips Part Two

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eBay selling tips part two is a follow up post to further help you with your eBay selling and/or eBay business.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the original eBay selling tips you can check it out now at the aforementioned link.

That being said, let’s go ahead and get started with the additional tips.

1. Get a tax ID and or reseller’s license. The cost is relatively low…usually about $25.00 to $50.00 depending on your state. You will find that it will help tremendously in the way of securing legitimate wholesale companies who are willing to sell their products to you at a wholesale price. If you’re unsure how to get this just check your state’s Department of Revenue website or your local area Chamber of Commerce.

2. Once you have enough inventory consider starting an eBay Store. The basic package runs about $15.95 a month but includes many benefits not available to regular eBay sellers such as real time reporting, pageview statistics from your shoppers, the abilty to offer discounts with markdown manager, exclusive merchandising features and much more.

3. Customize your templates and or listing backgrounds by learning more about html. eBay allows the use of html in your listings to change color, add images and pictures, change text, layout width and length and etc… Try visiting a site called FreeForm. It’s free to use and may help quite a bit.

4. Consider setting up an LLC or incorporating your business for legal protection against law suits and to help with taxes and write offs and such. You can usually download the forms from your state’s Secretary of State website but it can get complicated doing it yourself. There are many websites online who will do this for you as well for a fee. Some are higher priced than others and some are just plain criminals. I’ve read good things about CorpNet, Incorporated if you would rather have somebody else handle it for you. Setting up a corporation is serious business and should be treated as such. If you have a personal attorney you might consider talking to him or her first.

5. Use item specifics when setting up your listings. When you list a product on eBay, the “Sell Your Item” form will ask you specific questions about the item your selling such as color, size, brand and many other questions based on similar listings. You’ll want to add as many item specifics as you can per listing. The reason is because many people searching to buy on eBay are searching for specific things and they will use the eBay functions to narrow down their search. If you don’t have the item specifics filled out your product may easily be skipped over.

6. Try to start and end your auctions at optimal times. You’ll want to do this for increased sales of your listings. Saturdays and Sundays at noon is a good time. If you must end them through the week try to end them around 5:00 to 7:00 PM. This should give everybody enough time to get home from work. Also keep in mind the different time zones.

7. Always Preview your listings. This will accomplish two very important tasks. By remembering to preview your listings before listing it you can be sure to fix errors and also check that your listing is easily readable with proper spacing between benefits and selling points.

8. Take great photos. How many times have you purchased an item on eBay that had a terrible photo? Probably not too often! Get yourself a good digital camera with high megapixel capability. Don’t be afraid to show different angles of the product and use different lighting when needed.

9. Keep track of your costs. There are fees involved when selling a product or products on eBay or anywhere else. To be profitable, as with any business, you must have a real understanding of your true product cost. Not only will you have the cost associated with the purchase and shipping of the product when you bought it wholesale but you will also pay other fees such as listing fees, final value fees, shipping cost and shipping materials, Paypal and credit card fees and so on. It’s critical that you always know and understand what fees are involved in selling a product otherwise you may sell a boatload of stuff and find out that you’re in the hole at the end of the month.

10. Make an effort to find your own niche market. Everybody and their mother sells electronics on eBay. This makes the competition stiff and keeps your profits low. Try to find a niche product in high demand by a relatively small group of people. This can help ensure the future success of your eBay business.

Ok… that’s about all the eBay selling tips I have at this time. I truly hope these tips help you to succeed in your eBay business. Stay focused and try to keep it fun and I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

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eBay Levels the Playing Field for Sellers

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eBay has made a decision to level the playing field for sellers and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Starting October 26th, 2010 eBay sellers will be limited to one fixed price listing per identical item.

Now…I can understand many of you saying who cares…. What does that do for me?

Well…for those of you who didn’t know, eBay has a search system similar to Google and as a matter of fact many eBay listings are regularly found in Google searches. This new policy will help prevent eBay search results from being dominated by multiple duplicate listings from one seller and effectively level the playing field for smaller sellers.

There are plenty power sellers who regularly list the same item multiple times and sometimes as much as 25 to 50 times per a single listing. The logic behind this is to be the first item shown for any particular item searched.

When they do this it causes two negative effects. First of all it dampens the buyers experience by cutting down on the selection available or forcing them to search through hundreds of the same items just to find the unique item they’re looking for.

Secondly…it drastically reduces exposure for smaller sellers who can’t always afford to pay multiple fees for the same listing.

This new rule does not apply to auction style listings and rightfully so….if you want to auction all your merchandise off for pennies then be my guest.

eBay has stated that any duplicate listings still around on October 26th will be automatically ended. Insertion fees and listing upgrade fees will be credited to your next invoice. In addition, sellers who continue to create duplicate listings could be subject to loss of fees, limits on account privileges, loss of seller status or account suspension.

I’m not sure how well this new policy is going to be accepted by bigger sellers, however, I can say that it makes me personally feel like eBay is taking appropriate measures to look out for all of it’s customers regardless of how much they buy or sell.

Congrats on a job well done eBay!

It seems to me that as the playing field becomes more level it will only increase the shopping and selling experience for everybody involved.

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Successful eBay Selling Tips

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In this post I want to share some successful eBay selling tips for those of you who are either currently selling on eBay or who aspire to do so. eBay can be a phenomenal way to earn extra income for yourself or you can be like the many people who do it as a full time living. These are some of the things that have worked well for me.

Let’s begin.

Tip 1 – Write all your titles in all capital letters- If you look at eBay listings you’ll notice that most people will use capital letters only for the first letter of each word. When people look at listings and they see one that is all capitalized they subconsciously think the listing is more important and will click on it to read more.

Tip 2 - Take advantage of 30 day listings – eBay will let you list a product for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days or 30 days. By listing your product for 30 days you are essentially lowering your cost per listing because you have to pay eBay every time a listing is sold or ends.

Tip 3 - Offer shipping through the US Post office – The US post office is a very reliable and inexpensive way to ship your merchandise out to your customers and you can get all your Priority boxes for free from them.

Tip 4 - Offer multiple shipping choices –  Give your customer the option of how fast they want their merchandise shipped to them. For example with USPS you can give them the option of Parcel Post, First Class Mail, Media Mail, Priority Shipping, etc.

Tip 5 – Offer Free Shipping whenever possible – Keep in mind that some if not most eBay shoppers are shopping on eBay in search of a deal. If you can offer low cost or better yet free shipping you will be miles ahead of your competition.

Tip 6 - Get your product from a reliable source – Make sure you are dealing with companies that will deliver your goods to you or your customers on time every time.  Companies such as SaleHoo and World Wide Brands have proven track records. They can supply you with an enormous amount of trusted wholesalers and drop shippers along with an extensive list of selling tools all designed to assist in making your business more successful.

Tip 7 – Answer questions promptly – Try to always answer your buyer’s questions quickly. While some people may have the patience to wait for your response, others may not and they will move on to the next seller causing you to lose the sale.

Tip 8 – Use keywords wisely in your titles - eBay is set up similar to an Internet search engine. Keep this in mind when creating the title for each listing. If one of your products is “Nike Air Jordan Tennis Shoes” then make sure you use all of that term in your title. Don’t just write “Nike Air Jordans.”

Tip 9 – Download and use eBay Selling Manager Pro – This program will help you automate many of the time consuming daily chores you must do when selling on eBay such as creating new listings, leaving feedback, sending invoices, sending payment reminders, etc.

Tip 10 – Make all your customers special – Write little notes on their packaging slip thanking them and asking them to visit your site again, deliver their purchased items fast, leave them great and unique feedback if the transaction went well, etc.

Tip 11 - Package sold items with care – When people spend their hard earned money with you take the time to protect their items. Use bubble wrap if needed. You can’t control what happens while it’s being delivered but you can sure take steps to make sure that there is less damage from handling during shipping.

Tip 12 – Buy your shipping materials in bulk - Purchase your shipping materials in bulk to cut costs. Items such as boxes, tape, bubble mailers, bubble wrap are all expenses and should be treated as such. I use a company called Value Mailers. They deliver on time and it certainly helps to keep the costs down.

Tip 13 – Sign up with PayPal – Setting up an account with PayPal will allow people to pay you and for you to pay other people. I also recommend printing all your shipping labels through PayPal as well. You can purchase your postage and print your labels from the comfort of your own home and avoid standing in line at the Post Office.

Tip 14 – List in the proper category – Make sure to put your listings in the proper category. This will again serve to make sure your product gets optimal exposure. You don’t want to be listing your tennis shoes in the jewelry category.

Tip 15 – Make use of gallery tools – Use gallery tools such as Auctiva to display multiple listings inside each listing. If you have a bunch of different product to sell it’s a good idea to be able to showcase your other listings inside each listing. This way your customers can see all your other products you have to offer.

Tip 16 – Remain conscious of your DSR ratings – Detailed seller ratings are your report card for the general public. People grade you on how good of a job you did based on 4 main categories. The item description, communication, shipping time and shipping and handling charges. Keep your customers happy and your DSR ratings will stay high. eBay will also give you a certain percentage discount every month from your final value fees, after you become an eBay Power Seller, if you have good DSR ratings.

Tip 17 – Offer to ship overseas – This can sometimes be a hassle because you can’t print your own labels from home with overseas shipping but it will certainly get you extra sales. The world is a big place!

Tip 18 – Offer a combination of No Reserve Auctions and Buy It Now listings – People like choices and they like deals. Try to offer a combination of no reserve low priced penny auctions to increase the traffic and fun of your site and also do plenty of Buy It Now listings as well to solidify your position in the market place.

Above are just a few of the things that have worked well for me in the past. If you have other ideas you are certainly welcome to add them in the comments as I am sure that people who read this article will be very appreciative of your help. Anybody who has ever used eBay as a selling platform also knows they can always use some more successful selling tips. You can also check out eBay Selling Basics and Getting Started Selling on eBay at their site for additional information.

Also check out the latest post – eBay Selling Tips Part Two

Best Wishes!

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