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Earn Extra Money Online Selling Your Own eBook

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Did you know you can earn extra money online by writing and selling your own eBook?

Sure you did! I’m certain you’ve seen lots of eBooks for sale on the internet and may have even purchased a few yourself.

I bet you didn’t know, however, that Amazon.com..one of the world’s largest eBook retailers..reported eBook sales growth at 207% through May of this year. I’m sure it’s even higher than that now.

Platforms such as Kindle and iPad are being built and improved to accommodate the world’s thirst for knowledge while at the same time making it easier for writer’s to market their books.

With that being said….a person who has extensive knowledge in a certain field, a solution to a complex problem or the ability to entertain people with their written words could earn a butt load of extra money online by writing their own eBook and publishing it for sale.

A couple years ago I wrote my own eBook but went about it in all the wrong ways. I thought it was just a matter of writing the book, converting to PDF and offering it for sale. I soon found out there was much more involved such as publishing, copyright protection, designing the cover, graphics, images and etc.

Then I ran into an even bigger problem which was proper marketing and distribution.

Yes…it seems that if you really want to earn serious money online selling your own eBook you must do more than just offer it up for sale on your website.

In hindsight it probably would have been much smarter for me to use a product like eBook Pro
to design and customize my eBook because their system is not only proven but also pretty much point and click publishing and distribution.

Sometimes it can be extremely advantageous to learn from others who have already been down the road you’re now trying to drive on.

Having the proper knowledge and tools up front can make all the difference in the world.

Still….if you possess the gift and ability to write words that will enlighten or entertain a large group of people you should do it.

You never know….you’re eBook might just possibly earn you some notoriety along with a life changing amount of extra money.

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