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15 Habits of an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are perfectionists – They will not rest on a project until it is perfect in every sense of the word.

Entrepreneurs are goal setters – They will generally set realistic goals and continuously strive to meet them. Once met, he or she will set new-larger goals and start the process all over again.

Not lacking in confidence – Most entrepreneurs have a high amount of self confidence which allows them to work well under stress and remain focused and persistent.

Urgent in nature – Entrepreneurs understand the meaning of urgency and use it in their everyday lives. There is no room for procrastination.

Leadership abilities – Most entrepreneurs have the uncanny ability to lead others to success.

Fails to recognize authority – Entrepreneurs are under the impression they can do a better job than most and therefore usually struggle with authority type figures.

Problem solvers – It is characteristic of an entrepreneur to solve problems. They enjoy it as problem solving seems second nature to them.

Not afraid to ask for help – Even with their general leadership abilities, the entrepreneur is not afraid to ask for help. They understand there are many people in the world smarter than themselves.

Intolerable – Entrepreneurs are generally short in tolerance and unknowingly insensitive to other people’s feelings when working with a group of people.

Risk takers – Most entrepreneurs are not afraid of risk. They evaluate the risk and view it as a necessary step to success.

Creative in nature – Entrepreneurs are generally creative thinkers. It is in their nature to get outside the box.

Know their strengths and weaknesses – Entrepreneurs leverage their strengths and marginalize their weaknesses.

Willingness to fail – Successful entrepreneurs have a “never quit policy.” They expect to fail and will always keep going until the task is accomplished.

Highly educated – Whether it is self education or the teachings of a school or University, entrepreneurs believe strongly in the idea of educating themselves.

Dream Big – Because of their extreme self confidence, most entrepreneurs dare to dream big. No idea seems too large.

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How To Raise Your First Million Dollars

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Virtual Assistant Good Or Bad?

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Evidently very good if you have chosen the right company. Bad if you choose the wrong one! A virtual assistant can save your business valuable time and money. You save time by eliminating some of the everyday tasks that keep you from doing what you’re really good at and you save money because you don’t have to pay on a full time basis. Things like FICA, state unemployment taxes, social security, health insurance, profit sharing, holiday pay and more can all be eliminated from your cost. You just pay for their services when you need it. I don’t have one yet, however, I am just now getting to the point to where I can barely keep up so I have been really on top of this subject lately. The company that I plan on using is Team Double-Click. They come highly recommended by the likes of Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, CNN Money, Staff Digest, Woman’s Day Magazine and more. This company currently has 65,317 virtual assistants available and started their business back in 2000.  They’re always looking for more good assistants too. So if you have some skills, you could make some extra money at home working for them. I must warn you that their screening process for employing you is very thorough so be on your toes. They only want the best people to represent their clients and that is one of the traits that I really like about them. The company has told me that if any of my readers wanted to be a virtual assistant they would need to visit the contractor services area here.

Other tasks a virtual assistant can do for you are, telecommuting, lead follow ups, social marketing, transferring files, typing, etc.

As I stated earlier, determining whether a virtual assistant is good or bad for you will depend first on your needs and second on which company you choose. If you’re like me and you’re almost to the point of overload doing it all by yourself then maybe it’s time to start thinking about it.

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From An Employee To An Entrepreneur

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From An Employee To An Entrepreneur

Article by Akinori Furukoshi of http://www.thatswise.com
posted by: Modern Day Peasants

Are you foreseeing the days when you are working at home? When you no longer have to fight the rush hour traffic? When you no longer have to call in sick? The best part of that scenario is you no longer have to see your boss! Isn’t that sweet? Unfortunately, that day won’t come easily. Unlike a mortar and brick business, you do not need lots of money to start, but it also doesn’t mean you can find your success effortlessly. There are essentials you need to know about to find your way from an employee to an entrepreneur.

Manage you time
At the beginning, you work during the day, and you run your own business in your spare time. Do you think you don’t have enough time to do that? You’d better think twice. All of us have the same amount of time–24 hours a day. The difference is how you manage that 24 hours. People say they don’t have time, but then they watch TV 30 hours a week! Just giving up TV can give you an extra 30 hours That’s more than a day every week. Think of what you can do with those 30 hours! So, what IS your priority? If it is TV, forget it! Prioritize things, and spend your precious time with the most important thing first.

Be patient, Be consistent
Now, you are really trying new things. But you cannot perform like a seasoned veteran from the beginning. It takes time to complete every single task, even the one that seems to be the simplest task. The process can make you feel very frustrated. On top of that, at the beginning, the learning curve isn’t steep, and you have a bunch of things to tackle that make you more frustrated. You feel you can’t get anything done. It doesn’t mean you can’t be an entrepreneur. It’s just the normal learning process. Do not give up. If you quit, I can guarantee you won’t succeed. Be patient, and be consistent.

Discipline yourself
You do not have to run your business. You already have another way to make a living. It’s just not your first choice. After 5 o’lock, you can be a procrastinator. No one’s looking over your shoulder; no one’s going to criticise you. You can sit back and relax. Let another day go by, and another, and another because of laziness, lack of motivation or whatever you called it. The biggest enemy of your success is in you. However, the best defense against that enemy is also in you. DISCIPLINE! Be strict with yourself, and you will take a giant step forward to your future-the future you really want!

What do you think? Is this too much to be an entrepreneur? Success will not come to your door. You have to walk toward it. You know you can’t make money just sleeping all day long, don’t you? Now, are you having second thoughts? Do you think you can’t be an entrepreneur? It doesn’t matter what is in your mind. Success at being an entrepreneur does not depend on who you are today. It is depends on who you will become tomorrow.

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