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encrypted_search_terms…Easy To Understand

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Google Smack Down imageSo wow…it’s been so long since I last wrote here at Peasants!

It’s funny how fast time goes by when you’re truly enjoying the happenings in your world.

The big trade-off is knowing that you’ve had a hand in guiding some of it!

But we’ll save that post for a rainy day.

Today I want talk about the new term titled “encrypted_search_terms showing up in the top of many (continue reading…)

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Thanks To All Of You & a Site Update

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by: Dan Waggoner

Today I want to take some time out to give my warmest thank you to all of you who have stuck around and continue visiting the site. I genuinely get an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment just knowing that there are really folks out there who come here to visit, read and learn. It is also my intention to give you some updates on the progress of Modern Day Peasants. I figure since you are showing your dedication to the site I should let you know how we’re doing and what’s coming up on the horizon. The site currently gets about 300 visits a day. Roughly 45 to 50 of those are new visitors who have never been here before. This is a really good thing! It means that some of you are talking and spreading the word and I really appreciate your efforts. The other 250 visits per day are primarily regular visitors. Most of you are from the United States but we also have people stopping in from other places in the world such as Ireland, Poland, Russia, China and The United Kingdom just to name a few. I use a tool called Google Analytics to Monitor the incoming website traffic. It lets me know things like how many visitors per day, where they are from and how long they stay around and visit. Don’t worry it doesn’t give me any private details about you. I’m not looking for that kind of information anyway but I do need to be able to track the progress of the site and that’s why I use it.

Another great sign from the increased traffic means that you guys are finding the site useful. This is the most gratifying part about it. I mean, I started this thing like a bumbling idiot just barely knowing what I was doing with the intentions of teaching a few how to make some extra dollars per month but it has grown into so much more. I feel like I really have an avenue or an outlet, if you will, to help a lot of people and that’s a great feeling.

So all I can say at this point is thanks again and hang around for the ride. I can’t mention too much right now because it will ruin the effects but just last week we partnered with many different people and companies to create lots more exciting opportunities. I will be posting those opportunities in the coming weeks and months starting tomorrow. You can also follow Modern Day Peasants on Twitter if you care to. Sometimes I post different thoughts, trials and new helpful products there as well. Many people tell me I should put my picture on the front page of this blog but I have opted not to do that. If you want to see my ugly mug you can see it in the “about” section above. Please don’t be afraid to leave your comments either. If you have ideas then by all means put them out there so others can gain from them. It’s ok even if you just want to say hello. All bloggers love comments from their visitors and friends.

Best Wishes to All!

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