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4 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

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As an online marketer I’m always looking for result oriented ways to increase my organic website traffic.

I’ve found organic traffic to be the most highly targeted and profitable traffic coming to my websites.

Don’t get me wrong…all traffic can be good including paid traffic as long as it is targeted and reasonably priced but organic traffic is by far the best.

It’s also however the most difficult and time consuming to obtain but well worth it in the long run.

This stands to reason since the majority of organic website traffic is generated by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and the biggest chunk coming from Google.

You see….Google and the other big players are interested in only one thing and that is providing the absolute most relevant information to their clients.

So the idea, of course, is if you can be sure your web pages have the most relevant information for a particular keyword you can be sure to get lots of organic traffic.

Below are 4 ways I’ve used to substantially increase my organic website traffic.

On-Page Optimization

Take a look at each page you want to increase organic traffic for and be sure you’ve used good SEO practices such as…

Using your keyword(s) in your title.

Applying alternative text to images.

Proper keyword density in comparison to amount of words on page. (roughly 2 to 3 percent)

Good meta descriptions and meta tags for each page.

A business phone number listed if available. (Looks more professional to search engines)

Proper anchor text used on each page for links.

Check for broken links frequently.

Quality Link Building

You should be constantly striving to build quality links for each web page you want to increase the organic traffic for.

Try to use the title of the page or your keyword as anchor text for each link you are building. For example….if you’re trying to compete for the keyword phrase ” stainless microwave ovens” your article or page title might be “Brand Name Stainless Microwave Ovens.” In this case I would recommend building your link anchor text using both phrases. Long tailed keyword phrases seem to be all the rage now so feel free to mix it up a bit but always making sure each link definitely includes the original keyword or phrase.

Always try to get your anchor text links displayed on relevant and quality websites as well. I don’t care what anyone says…PageRank is still a factor! So the more high pagerank links you can get using your keywords the higher your organic website traffic will climb. Just be sure the sites are in some way relevant and related to your product or niche.

Be sure to use an assortment of ideas for your link building campaign. ie…blogging, blog commenting, guest blogging, article marketing, image marketing, social bookmarking, etc.

Also…always seek out DoFollow sites to exchange links with. NoFollow sites and nofollow directories are acceptable if they have a high volume of traffic, relevant content and a targeted link building process in place.

Ease of Navigation

Keep all of your website and your inner pages easy for the visitor to navigate. Use keyword anchor text to switch between pages whenever possible.

Make sure you text is easy for the visitor to read and understand and free flowing with lots of white space if at all possible. Generally speaking, people don’t like to read big long paragraphs on their home computer or cell phones. It cause them to have to squint and makes it harder to read and enjoy.

If you can break your paragraphs into short 1 or 2 sentence paragraphs it will be much more pleasing to the visitor as well. When your website displays quality it cause more people to re-visit and link to it naturally.

Write Specific and Useful Content

By specific I mean narrow down your product or topics as much as you can per individual page and keep it extremely relevant to your meta description and meta keywords. In other words don’t just talk about “books” if your page keyword is “motivational books.”

Avoid duplicate content on your site. (the same content shown twice on your website)

Always be sure that your page offers the most value to a visitor as it possibly can. Avoid any kind of deception at all times.

Remember….the more valuable information your page has to offer…the more people will link to it and spread it around.

And don’t forget….the search engines are only interested in one thing and that is providing the most absolute relevant sites for whatever their customer types into that little search box.

You might also consider checking out a great little inexpensive book by Heather Lutze called The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing. Check out the reviews also. It can really help you understand how to put all this together and make sure your website is competitive in the search engine arena.

If you can become an expert at the above 4 things and remain patient you can increase your organic website traffic many times over.


Auto Mass Website Traffic Scams

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This post was previously titled “Auto Mass Website Traffic My A**” because I was so very angry when writing this article.

I have since changed the title to “Auto Mass Website Traffic Scams” now that I ‘m over my anger.

It’s just that I sometimes become completely exhausted reading all the scams designed specifically to take advantage of new webmasters trying to increase their website traffic so I felt a need to try and help some of you either keep your money or spend it in a more productive way.

I also know those of you reading this blog are intelligent people and by now should fully understand that you absolutely can’t earn a serious amount of money online unless you have a large steady stream of targeted website traffic.

The problem is there are too many seasoned marketers who are all too willing to take advantage of the new guy.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t fall for the auto mass website traffic scams that many new marketers are falling for.

You know the type I’m talking about. It’s usually a long squeeze page or sales page sent directly to your email. They’re set up to specifically sell a clickbank product with the promise that as soon as you pay you will have hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to your site to buy your affiliate products.

Take it from somebody who’s been at this business for quite some time now.

It’s just not real!

I understand the page looks professional and with a money back guarantee how could you go wrong?

But trust me when I say there’s only two ways to get auto mass website traffic.

One way is to buy it through a pay per click program such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads or you could use a less expensive alternative traffic source. This way you can target for specific products and decide just how much you want to increase your website traffic. There really are people searching for your products and those are the kind of visitors you want.

The other way is to actually spend some time doing real SEO work getting your articles and web pages to the first page of the search engines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. It involves keyword research, building quality backlinks by providing real content that interested readers want and doing the proper on page optimization. If you don’t understand the process of on page optimization then I highly advise you start learning. You can begin at the Search Engine Journal.

I have had some luck with some traffic exchanges as well but you have to be choosy because some of them are a waste of time with very little traffic generation. The traffic exchanges I do use and trust are posted all over this blog and the website. I’m sure you’ve noticed the links.

Thinking about it…. I guess that’s really (3) ways to get mass auto website traffic. Oh well…three is better than two.

That’s it….these are the only real ways that I’ve found to get true auto mass website traffic. You can buy it, you can share it or you can increase website traffic with good old fashion SEO and hard work. The rest is all a bunch of trash designed specifically for the purpose of getting your credit card number. However, we’re always open to new ideas if you’ve stumbled across others that are proven.

Hopefully once you do finally get the amount of website traffic you need you’ll treat your visitors well and not try to take advantage of them.

Good Luck

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