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Increasing Online Sales With Good Copywriting

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If you don’t think your ad copy can have an effect on your online sales you are sadly mistaken.

Without the proper use of information being displayed to your visitors you are greatly reducing your conversion rates.

First and foremost it is vitally important to decide if you need long ad copy or short ad copy. You can typically make this decision based on the value and expense of what you are selling. A good example would be selling a house versus selling a pencil sharpener.

If you’re selling a pencil sharpener you probably won’t have to write long ad copy. More than likely you would include a picture of the sharpener, the cost and a few basic features. How many features can a pencil sharpener have…Right?

If you’re trying to sell a house, however, your ad copy will be quite a bit longer and more extensive.

Most likely you would include multiple images. You would also possibly want to describe all the rooms, the square footage of the rooms, included appliances, how much land the house is sitting on, the location, price, tax rate, the distance to local shopping areas, the basement, the type and condition of the heater, the age of the roof and so on.

I know the examples are a bit drastic in nature but I need to show my point. There would be a huge difference in the length of ad copy based on the price of the product you are attempting to sell on your site.

Additionally you need to be sure to get rid of any spelling and grammar mistakes, try to always use powerful headlines to grab the attention of the visitor, relay the benefits of purchasing your product, use respectful language to develop trust with the visitor and finally be sure to ask the visitor to take action. In other words, ask for the sale.

In fact your ad copy may want to incorporate a couple different areas where the customer can make the purchase such as “buy now” buttons.

Allen Gardyne, the host of associateprograms.com has an excellent article posted on his site called “How To Increase Sales With Copywriting.” I highly recommend you check it out.

Good copywriting is so important in the way of increasing online sales that many marketers pay professionals to write the ad copy for them.

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