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Earn Extra Money Online Answering Questions

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In this post I want to share with you yet another way to earn extra money online by simply answering other people’s questions.

Sounds crazy right?

Wrong….it’s not crazy at all.

You can visit a site called WebAnswers which is a relatively new beta site designed for the specific purpose of building high quality content while sharing advertising profits with it’s users.

The cost to join and use the site is free for anybody.

Users can log in and ask any question they want and then sit back and wait for answers from other users.

So how can you earn extra money you ask?

Just start answering other people’s questions.

The person asking the question will pick the best answer for each question posed and then WebAnswers will automatically add Google AdSense contextual advertising on the page where the best answer is located.

This is how you earn your money.

After you’ve answered enough questions you will be asked to either create a Google AdSense account or link your current AdSense account to your WebAnswers account.

The questions that have more traffic will obviously earn more money than those with smaller amounts of traffic so it may be wise to choose the questions you want to answer carefully.

They are also currently running a trial program which involves paying people for asking questions as well.. so it’s a win win for everybody.

Please note….this is not a “get rich quick” program. However, if you consider yourself to be an expert in a certain field or fields and participate on a regular basis it seems plausible that over time you could earn a substantial income online doing this.

As I stated earlier, the site is fairly new but they have already acquired a pagerank of 5 and have become one of the top 20,000 sites viewed in the world according to Alexa. This means they already have a ton of interested visitors and traffic coming to the site.

I have already joined the program because I enjoy giving my two cents to those who can use it. I also fully understand that with shared advertising on a high traffic site you can earn a ton of extra money online.

So head on over to start answering questions and get paid.

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