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How To Find My Niche Market

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A niche market is defined by wiktionary as a relatively small and specialist, yet profitable, market. I like this definition. It’s short and sweet and to the point. In order to find your niche market you need to first truly understand what your deepest passion is. Many people have lots of passions. My best advice is to dig deep and think about what you know plenty about. It could be a hobby or a field that you currently work in for your job. Everybody is an expert in something. You just have to figure out what your something is.

Please allow me to tell you about a massive mistake I made when creating my site. I made my niche to wide. Let me explain so you can better understand what I’m talking about. This information will help you tremendously in the way of preparing to launch your first website.

You see my site is primarily about music and marketing because these are things that I really love to do and also love to talk about. With that being said I could have been much smarter and narrowed it down to one niche such as “music” or “marketing”. It should have been one or the other. To be quite technical those two keywords or niches could have been broken down to deeper more profitable niches. So instead of music, maybe the niche could have been rock and roll music. Instead of marketing maybe I could have went with website marketing.

Why am I telling you all of this? The reason is because with my niche being so wide I have to work that much harder to dominate the niche. If you don’t dominate your niche your competition will dominate it for you making it very difficult to be profitable. The object is to work smarter not harder! So if you really want to know how to find your niche market take some time to discover yourself a bit. Once you figure it out, whether it be gymnastics, medicine, travel, music, art, writing, comedy or whatever, try to see if you can break that particular niche down even further. This will make it much less like work for you and much more like fun. It will also give you the ability to easily target and then dominate your market. Be sure to use a good keyword tool to do your home work. It’s important to be sure their is an audience for your market before you go diving in too deep.

As always, your questions and responses are certainly welcomed and hopefully this post will give you a little added clarity on how to find your niche market.

Best Wishes!

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Where Can I sell My Software Products Online?

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Looking for a great spot to sell your software products online. If you have created the next big thing in software that the world can’t do without consider trying RegNow. They are the software industry’s premier registration commerce provider.  You can register an account with them and market your product on their site. The cool thing about it is that RegNow has thousands of affiliates who are willing to go out and market your product for you! You just sit back and make the money! If you have your own website and are currently looking for another great outlet to make some fast affiliate cash you can sign up to be a RegNow Affiliate here. I’m trying to think of some downfalls to tell you about but none are coming to mind. I have been working with RegNow for quite some time now and have not had any issues.

This company has a world class e-commerce infrastructure, a very user friendly interface, Digital rights management tools, extensive international currency system so you can get buyers from everywhere, proven marketing and merchandising tools to help you get the most from your product and much more. They even have their own sitebuilder so you could feasibly set up an entire website of digital products and multiple software if you choose.

Basically RegNow is there to manage your online store and sell your product allowing you the freedom and the focus to make your software better or create new marketable software. This company also has an outstanding publisher’s forum which will give you the direct ability to communicate with other people who do what you do. This makes it much easier to stay on top of new industry ideas and developments.

Hopefully this post will help those who are asking where can I sell my software products online.

Best Wishes!


Why Be An Independent Musician?

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Because nobody else is going to care as much as you do. That’s why! The better question is why would you not want to be an independent musician? This company gets a cut. That publisher gets a cut. Oh, and we can’t forget about so and so. They get a cut too! I mean you’re the one with all the talent. Why pay all those different corporations so much of your money.There are so many ripoff artist in the music business it’s not even funny. Pay us $1,500.00 for this and give us $700.00 for that.

The sweet thing about being an independent musician is that if your sound is good enough and you really use the Internet in it’s proper format you get to boot all those people out of your game. You produce your own singles and your albums. You sell your singles and your albums and you market yourself and your singles and albums. Am I missing something here or what? With today’s technology and a small bit of marketing know how, which by the way I teach you on this blog, you can really do everything the big boys get paid by you to do. You can become a serious money making independent musician.

I know some of you have it in your head that you don’t want to be bothered with the business end of it. You just want to perform, right? This is the wrong attitude to have. If you truly love being a musician you must also know that nobody will push your music as hard as you will. Nobody will be able to talk about your music with as much excitement as you will. You could realistically generate millions of fans just on the Internet alone if your music has what the fans want. Target your audience and go after them! So that’s my rant on “Why be an independent musician.”

If you need some help with anything just let me know via the contact form. Don’t forget to visit our website and add your band’s website to the free musician’s directory. This will help to optimize your site and get you a bunch more visitors.

Here’s a fairly new independent music distribution company who’s been really picking up steam lately. Check out what they do!

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