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Why Be An Independent Musician?

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Because nobody else is going to care as much as you do. That’s why! The better question is why would you not want to be an independent musician? This company gets a cut. That publisher gets a cut. Oh, and we can’t forget about so and so. They get a cut too! I mean you’re the one with all the talent. Why pay all those different corporations so much of your money.There are so many ripoff artist in the music business it’s not even funny. Pay us $1,500.00 for this and give us $700.00 for that.

The sweet thing about being an independent musician is that if your sound is good enough and you really use the Internet in it’s proper format you get to boot all those people out of your game. You produce your own singles and your albums. You sell your singles and your albums and you market yourself and your singles and albums. Am I missing something here or what? With today’s technology and a small bit of marketing know how, which by the way I teach you on this blog, you can really do everything the big boys get paid by you to do. You can become a serious money making independent musician.

I know some of you have it in your head that you don’t want to be bothered with the business end of it. You just want to perform, right? This is the wrong attitude to have. If you truly love being a musician you must also know that nobody will push your music as hard as you will. Nobody will be able to talk about your music with as much excitement as you will. You could realistically generate millions of fans just on the Internet alone if your music has what the fans want. Target your audience and go after them! So that’s my rant on “Why be an independent musician.”

If you need some help with anything just let me know via the contact form. Don’t forget to visit our website and add your band’s website to the free musician’s directory. This will help to optimize your site and get you a bunch more visitors.

Here’s a fairly new independent music distribution company who’s been really picking up steam lately. Check out what they do!

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Promote Your Band or Solo Artist Website? Submit Today!

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Want more publicity for your band or solo artist website? Modern Day Peasants recently completed a new World Wide “Musicians Directory” with access from our home page. The page is now active. If you have any amount of experience marketing your music then you know how important it is to get your music and your website in front of as many fans and listeners as is humanly possible. Hopefully you have been reading some of my articles and you also understand the importance of search engine optimization. When a website is properly optimized it will bring a tremendous amount of new traffic to that website.

If you want to learn how to drive tons of traffic to your band’s website you should consider surfing a bit through this site where you’ll find loads of traffic driving techniques to use. The idea is to have as many locations as possible pointing to your website. It would also be wise to add your band’s link to the new Musician’s Directory. I continuously strive to keep our site highly optimized to bring in new traffic which will result in more traffic to your band’s site as well. We are currently getting a little over 10,000 visitors per month and the site is growing at a rapid pace.

I was originally planning on charging a fee for the link but have since decided that in fairness to my struggling and even some not so struggling musician friends out there that this is not the right thing to do. The idea of Peasants is to help musicians. Your links will be free of charge. The music business is tough enough as it is. So please fill out the form below and be patient with me on your submissions. Depending on how many we get will determine on how fast I get them posted in the Musician’s Directory. Free is a very inexpensive way to effectively promote your music. Once your website is listed in the directory it will remain there for life or until you instruct me to do otherwise. Your website’s link will enjoy highly optimized traffic forever.

Best To You!

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