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Online Business Survival in a High Tech Social World

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Today I want to talk a bit about what business and more specifically online businesses are doing to survive in our new high tech social world.

I say new because even though the home computer was born in the late 1970’s the World Wide Web didn’t really become a common household term until the mid 1990’s.

In the last 15 years or so brick and mortar businesses have diversified to the world of online business and a plethora of new online only businesses have been born.

However, the high tech social world in which we now live is ever changing and simply leaves many of these new businesses fighting for survival in an era where everybody is connected.

Not only must you have profiles set up in all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and the likes but you also must actively participate in all these networks.

It’s vital to connect with people in every way possible.

To survive and be successful, it’s pertinent for even the largest online businesses to interact and network with the new age internet population.

As our world becomes hurriedly impersonal we find it more important than ever to embrace the high tech world which makes it so impersonal to begin with.

Blogging, SEO and cell phone search optimization will only get bigger and it would be wise for all in business to get informed and stay on top of current events.

In the end, those who survive and actually profit will be the businesses who engage the most.

Technology and social networks seem to be operating in uniform and I believe this is because no matter how impersonal the world gets we humans still crave personal relationships.

We truly want to know who we’re doing business with and we love to feel like part of something bigger.

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

What are you doing differently so that your online business may survive and become a success in this high tech social world?


How to Compete With Big Business Online

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Big BusinessA common problem many Internet marketers share is trying to compete with big business online.

Companies like Amazon, eBay and Buy.com can make it extremely difficult for the little guy running his/her own small eCommerce site.

These companies have endless amounts of money for advertising and brand recognition so how can your little site compete with that?

The obvious answer is that you need to stand out.

Let’s say, for example, that your site sells small home electrical appliances, books, music CD’s, DVD’s and games. We already know the three bigger sites above sell those items also.

In order for you to compete in that arena you’ll need to find a way to be unique. Since your site sells more media material than home appliances it may be a good idea to narrow your product line down to only include media. Once you’ve narrowed down to selling media only your business will be in a tighter niche making it easier to target your audience.

The next step should be to start branding your business. What can you do to set your online business apart from the rest? Big Business understands branding well but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You can easily brand with the best of them. Now that your niche has been narrowed down maybe your new buzz words could be something like ” One Stop Entertainment for a Diverse World.”

Boom! You’re different from all the rest.

Now all you need to do is back it up. Give your customers what they so desperately want. Focus your efforts on being what you say you are. Offer CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Rays, cassettes, books, magazines, and games for the entire world in many different languages. Become the site that offers entertainment to a whole world and do it with class.

If you really want to drive the nail in the coffin for big business you could also add a solid pay per click campaign. This can generate instant interest along with instant sales. It’s a great way to compliment your organic search campaign. I personally like Google AdWords when it comes to pay per click. Using a properly researched keyword campaign you can generate hundreds or thousands of visitors for as little as $.04 per click. Do not, however, start an AdWords campaign without knowing what your doing or it could prove very costly with little reward . Google offers some excellent tutorials and videos on how to run a proper campaign. In addition there are many other books available on the market written by successful AdWords Campaign Managers from all around the world.

Use your new buzz slogan everywhere in every ad you make….regardless if it’s in print or online. Place it under your site heading and in your company email signatures. Use it in your link building program if possible. You want people to know that this is what you’re all about and you don’t mind showing them.

Treat your customers like royalty and deliver on time every time and you will soon see that not only can you compete with big business online……you can become big business online.

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Dare To Be Contagious

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yawnFor the record, I’m not talking about spreading your cold and sickness to everyone you come in contact with. Instead I want your online business to become contagious….kind of like a yawn.

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to be like everybody else who wrote blogs for a living. I tried to design the look and feel of my site similar to other bloggers who were doing extremely well for themselves.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

To be contagious you have to be different. If you want your business to go viral you have to be the first one to wear the “stoned washed jeans”. Some of you from the 80’s can most certainly appreciate and remember the popularity of those pants. It wasn’t long after they came in style that it seemed the whole world was wearing them……including me….lol.

It’s important to be unique.

I’m finding that it’s easy to preach it but much more difficult to do it.

Some of you are just now starting your online businesses and others may still be in the planning mode.

Please take my advice and use it to your advantage.

Strive to be different. Do something nobody has done yet.

Dare to be contagious!


Buy Wholesale Inventory Online

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inventoryAre you looking for the best place to buy wholesale inventory online? Sometimes I forget that having an online business is not just about affiliate sales. More often than not it has much to do with buying the inventory in bulk for your online store from a respectable wholesale company or group of companies and then marketing that product on the internet and through email.

There are so many scams and sub-par wholesale companies online trying to take advantage of small business people that one must be really careful when making such important decisions for their own business. When discussing the means that feeds your family you can’t ever be too careful.

There are also, however, some extremely reliable and outstandingly affordable bulk wholesale and drop shipping companies out there. You just have to wade through lots of bad to get to the good!

I’ve always admired and leaned toward Chris Malta and his Product Sourcing Experts at Worldwide Brands. Not only do you get access to the most trusted online wholesale companies out there but you also get the online business wisdom and advice from a real internet millionaire who also happens to be the President and CEO of the company. Chris Malta created his own fame and fortune via buying wholesale inventory and selling retail. He is also the author of some very helpful and highly sought after free eCommerce and eBay guidance books. The man has a ton of knowledge and doesn’t mind sharing it with others. This makes him a stand up guy in my book!

Worldwide Brands is a very respected company in the online wholesale marketing arena and has been for many years. They offer everything you need in one location to run an extremely profitable online retail business.

I would call you crazy if you took my word for it though.

Do your homework as any sane business person would and check them out for yourself.

Then it’s time to load your store with inventory from the world’s best suppliers.

Best Wishes!


The Future of Internet Business

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One doesn’t need to have a crystal ball to predict the future of Internet Business. All you need to do is take a look at Internet World Stats to determine that there are now currently 1.7 billion Internet users in the world. The numbers are consistently rising and you can see that it has already reached 1/3 of the world population.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Internet has long been here to stay. People pay their bills online for goodness sake.  They also use the Internet to perform research, purchase goods and services, send and receive email, play games, watch tv, listen to music, download music, get local and International news as well as many other daily chores and tasks.

The Internet is our way of life now. Security has become better and reliable as more and more people have begun to accept the Internet as a normal necessity. The growth of the Internet has also spurred many new business opportunities for regular everyday average families. You don’t have to be rich anymore to start your own business. People can start and run a profitable Internet business for less than it cost to eat out for one night.

I predict in the future we will see more and more Internet businesses begin to emerge and flourish. We have still only scraped the surface. Most people are sick of the hustle and bustle world we used to live in. Everybody is searching for a way to stay home with their families and earn a solid living. The Internet is a real answer for many.

It doesn’t mean you won’t still have to work hard. Whether online or offline, if you’re going to build a viable and profitable business you are going to have to work hard. That’s just the way it is. Any sane person knows this. You get out of it what you put into it.

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset can certainly see this and have jumped at the chance to make their dreams a reality with an online business. Shame on me for not setting up my own business sooner than I did. Where else can you touch so many people at one time? You can’t. The Internet is a gift to mankind. It is not to be wasted.

Best Wishes!


Why Work From Home?

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Why work from home is a little bit of a tricky question. To some of you I’m probably stating the obvious here but for others maybe not. Working from home can sometimes be tougher than a regular job. The hours are longer. If you’re working in an online business as I am you have to learn a ton of information and be able to comprehend it all. The pay is lousy in the beginning. You have to sit at a computer all day long with a good chance of getting carpel tunnel syndrome from all the excessive typing and to top it all off there are ridiculously high levels of competition.

So why do I do it you ask? Because I get to watch my younger children grow up. I get to take them to the bus stop in the morning and be able to meet them at the bus stop in the afternoon. Because the pay gets better and better as you learn and make adjustments. I do it because nobody gets to tell me what to do anymore. I no longer have to get up at 5 am, rush through breakfast and fight traffic to go to a job I never liked to begin with only to get home at 7 pm so tired that I can’t even muster up a smile for my little ones. Not anymore! Now days I get up at 7 am because I choose to, not because I have to.

I do it for the tax breaks and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m building something that will support my family forever and create a better life for them. I work from home because it is the way it was done hundreds of years ago when the fast lane didn’t exist and a family was a real family. I do it because I no longer have to worry about losing my job to somebody more qualified or because of the current economical recession. My business isn’t affected by the recession.

I do it because I get to help others. I now have the ability and the outlet to show other people how to drastically improve their own lives and the lives of their family members. I work from home because the country I live in allows me to. I do it because I have bigger plans down the road. I want to retire early not when I’m in my 50’s or like some elderly folks who had to work well into their 60’s. I work from home because I want to be remembered instead of forgotten. I want to leave my mark.

I do it because I want to have the freedom and the time to spend with my parents before they leave this great world of ours. I want them to be proud of me and know that I did well! Having my own online business helps me to do all these things. My only regret is that I didn’t see the light earlier.

I work from home because you only get to live life once and I want to live it to the fullest! I could probably go on all day and night with reasons but I think you understand. The great part about it is that you can do it too if you want it bad enough. Start doing it on the side and work your way to full time. If you’ve been tossing it around in your head for some time now I recommend you reading through my website and blog in it’s entirety. Make sure you check out Blogging for success. It’s not only about blogging and it will help you tremendously.

So these are my answers to “why work from home.” ………What are yours?

Best Wishes!

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Treat Procrastination Like A Disease

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Procrastination will kill your online business. For this reason you must learn to treat it like a disease. You have to give yourself a little medicine every morning and every evening!

Start by writing down your online business goals and understand that they are goals. Remember that old cliche “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” The same goes with your business. Make the writing of your goals special and possibly even frame them above your desk so you can see them all the time. Sometimes it helps to attach pictures. Maybe it’s a house you want to buy when you start to show good profits. Possibly you desire to do some world traveling when you become wealthy so maybe you could attach pictures of the places you want to visit. Whatever the case may be you need something to constantly remind you of where you want to end up in your online business endeavors. Something to help keep procrastination in it’s place.

It has been proven that it takes 30 days for a person to form a habit. Get yourself into the habit of skimming through your goals every morning and every evening. On a separate sheet of paper or poster you should write down all the tasks that you know you need to do on a daily basis such as updating content, updating ads, updating blog, answering emails, writing articles, building website traffic, networking with other businesses and individuals and so forth. I don’t recommend framing this one because it’s possible that you will have to add to it regularly. Place this list above your desk also. Put it right next to your goals so you can easily read it every morning and evening too.

Don’t let your own procrastination get the best of you. Beat it at it’s own game. Treat it like a disease and after some time of doing this you will find yourself well on your way to enjoying a successful online business. Your goals are closer than you think.

Best Wishes!

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Power Your Website With Article Marketing

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Article Marketing has the power to take your website to levels you haven’t seen. Many people completely under-estimate the full potential of what it can do for their online business. When done properly article marketing allows you to leave your digital footprint on the world and will drive an amazing amount of traffic to your website for eternity. Notice I said when done properly!

Try to look at it this way. Because of the relative newness of Modern Day Peasants it really didn’t matter what I wrote on this blog in regards to getting my articles placed on the first page of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes. The website was too new. They won’t let you in that easy, I don’t care if you’re writing award winning articles. I needed to find a stronger avenue to say what I had to say so I looked into writing articles for online article directories such as eHow.com and ArticlesBase.com and of course my favorite Ezine Articles.(You will do very well with the three I have listed and eHow will even pay you to write for them). I knew these companies had been around for quite some time. I also knew they had some pull when it came to page rank because of the amount of back links they have and because of how long they have been in business. Most importantly, I knew that you get to add a link to your website in the resource box. This is where the real power for your website comes in. I’ll explain later in this post.

Next I did my research on how to write a great article and the very first one I wrote landed on Google’s first page out of 322 million pages and it’s still there. I have wrote 20 other articles since then and I will continue to write them. A little over half of those have ended up on the first page out of millions of pages as well.  Getting your articles on the first page needs to be your goal! So far to date those articles have brought somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 visitors to this site. Now you might say that 700 visitors isn’t a lot but when you add those numbers over years it will be thousands and maybe one day millions. I saw a guy the other day who has written over 1500 articles. The average is about three visitors a day per article, so if he has all those pointing to one website he will get 4500 visitors per day just off his article marketing alone. Do you get my point?

Many people think that writing articles is too much work for the amount of visitors they get but those people are not thinking clearly. You write articles to solidify your presence online. Write them in such a manor that they are of great help to people. Use keywords in your title and make sure that you also use those same keywords in the beginning and the end of the article. Sprinkle just two or three in the main body as well and you’ll do fine. Try to stay between 300-750 words and finally leave a link to your website in the resource box in case the reader wants to learn more. If you do a good enough job presenting your case they will click that link and come to see you.

To sum it up if you truly want to leave an impact in the online world then you need to power your website with article marketing.

Best Wishes!

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The Business of Online Marketing

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It took a while to figure out the title of this post. Why? The title, whether in other online articles or on your blog is so very very important. I decided to call this one The Business of Online Marketing. The reason is because I want everybody to know just how excited I am about this.

First of all let me just say that I certainly do not advocate or want a bunch of people to go out and quit their jobs. If you’re thinking about starting your own online business then I definitely applaud you for it but do it on the side for a bit until you fully understand it. The business of online marketing is very fast paced and very competitive. It can also be very difficult to grasp for quite some time. What really hooks you and is so rewarding is that once you do finally grasp it and figure out what’s really going on inside the Internet, including search engines and all their friends, then you begin to understand just what has been accomplished and more importantly what can be accomplished.  If you’re using your tracking tools properly you start to see more and more visitors coming to your site.

It will seem like forever before all of your hard work starts to pay off but then all of the sudden one day you see money has been added to one of your accounts. Somebody has bought something! This lifts your spirits somewhat. Then it will seem like another eternity before your next sale. During that time you start to second guess yourself and you start changing things up. You dig in and learn more and get even more technical. All of the sudden it begins to dawn on you that the Internet’s true reason for existence was and still is for mankind to learn! This is the part where it gets so exciting. You get another sale and another! You have just then at that very moment figured out that people are not stupid. In fact people are very smart and they want to get smarter. You now understand that people are happy to trade their hard earned and hard saved money for something that first of all teaches them something and second of all has value to them. They must be able to use your product to better their quality of life. In essence when you help your customers they will help you!

From that point on you are so excited and dedicated to your online business that it’s not work anymore but you’re still getting paid. It actually may be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever get to experience in your life simply because of the power and reach of the Internet. Currently per Internet World Stats there are 1,668,870,408 World wide regular Internet users. That’s with a (B) as in Billion! If you’ll notice these stats are only penetrating 24.7% percent of the total population. That means it hasn’t even grown half way yet. The Internet and it’s audience is going to get so much bigger. There’s room for everybody!

I’m going to continue giving everybody as much advice as I possibly can for as long as I can. I will show you lots of opportunities and possibilities that you will have to decide whether or not they will work for your current situation. Everybody reading this article is smart enough to know when they’re being fed a line of crap or when they’re getting the real deal. Don’t fall for the crap. Do your research! Here are a few other solid thoughts that will help you soundly in the business of online marketing. Make an impact, learn the art of article marketing and use it wisely to offer the world a product that will make their lives better, always do your homework, be honest with your audience and allow them to be honest with you, don’t let impatience get the best of you, never believe that you know everything, treat people well, find the people and businesses you trust and learn from those who have learned before you. Be that person I just wrote about and you have no choice but to do very well for yourself and your customers!

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Best Wishes

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