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What’s With All The Moaning About eBay?

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Please stop all the moaning about eBay! I probably run the risk of alienating some of you and I sincerely hope that doesn’t end up being the case but I really don’t understand it. I’ve been listening to sellers griping about the company for a couple years now. I mean I get that you guys are upset because you were making more money and the company is getting in your pocket or got too deep in your pockets but I don’t believe they are forcing you to stay with them.

As far as I can see, bottom line, unless you were part of the original team who designed and invested in the site and ran with the first Beta Version, eBay owes you exactly nothing. They gave you the platform to sell. They gave you the very inexpensive and cheap advertisement and you all made a ton of money. Sure, some made more than others but that’s the way it goes. Some work harder than others. I don’t want to get political on this blog but I’m really sick of hearing about it. This country was founded on capitalism and it works. It can work very well if you want to work your butt off and have the ability to jump back up when you get knocked down. Rest assured that eBay nor anybody else owes you anything. In my opinion, if you feel like you are entitled to better treatment from them then you are in the wrong business!

I also realize it’s a tough world out there. I mean I’ve sold somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe 1,200 inexpensive items on eBay and I’m thankful I’ve been able to sell that. They give me a percentage of fees back every month based on decent DSR’S. I kinda feel like I try to take care of my buyers so I usually get good scores anyway. Even though the product is very inexpensive, my customers are still spending their hard earned money with me and with eBay and I appreciate that. I know some of you have sold 100’s of thousands of items and I understand you feel like the company owes you and your families something but they don’t. Not unless you have a written contract specifically stating what they owe you. I also get that the company is currently only worth half of what it was previously but you know what? Nobody’s perfect! Not even the big dogs up there in eBay Headquarters. Big companies make mistakes too just like small companies do. When you make those mistakes you have to work your way through them and bounce back. eBay shouldn’t be the only egg you have in your basket anyway. You should be marketing your product on Amazon, Bidz, PriceDrip.com, your own websites and blogs and everywhere else you can think of. It is weak minded to sit around and whine about it.

Dig in deeper… Get what you want and don’t make excuses for any of your actions. Stop the moaning! You control your destiny not eBay.

Best Wishes

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