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Using SEO to Sell Your Music

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What’s an SEO you ask and how the heck will it sell my music?

SEO or search engine optimization is the act of optimizing a website, blog or webpage to be highly accessible to Internet search engines through the use of proper key-wording, link building and on-page optimization.

Let’s say you’re in a band and you’ve been writing, playing out and recording for years.

You’ve always thought about selling your own original music and now you feel your sound just may be good enough to actually do it.

If you haven’t already been signed by a legitimate label you know you’re going to need to market your music by any means possible.

It just so happens that the Internet is one of the best ways to reach the largest audience.

Sell your music online like the labels do and keep most of the money instead of just the change!

Not only do you want to Sign Up for a FREE TuneCore account, save 15% on first distribution!

…..but you also want to promote your music on your own website and then use good SEO skills to get your songs on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Let’s pretend, for example, you have a song titled “Broken Promises.”

If you type the phrase “Broken Promises” into a search box such as Google you’ll see on the first page there are approximately 11 million results for that term. This means you have to make sure your song is on that first page because very few people are going to search through pages and pages of results to find your song.

As a matter of fact it’s a proven statistic that as many as 80% of the searchers make their purchase from a site on that first page.

Through the use of good SEO skills you can get your song to come up on the first page of all the search engines.

When you get it there you can just sit back and watch the money come in.

It’s possible you’ll also want to consider installing a superb flash music player on your site so your visitors can sample your music while at the same time easily adding a buy now button which then links to a payment page such as PayPal so your visitors can purchase the song after sampling it on your site. Purchase a player for your site now.

You can then use the SEO tecniques to get your band’s name at the top of the search as well as the rest of your songs or album titles.

Sell them individually or sell an album or sell both.

Digital music is where it’s at in today’s world!

Everybody now day seems to buy their favorite songs and store them in the laptops and desktops so they know exactly where to find it for the next party.

They just hook the speakers up to the computer and let the music flow!

Keep it professional and start using SEO to sell your music.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results since 90% of the population doesn’t even know what the term SEO means.

Best Wishes!


Promote Your Band or Solo Artist Website? Submit Today!

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Want more publicity for your band or solo artist website? Modern Day Peasants recently completed a new World Wide “Musicians Directory” with access from our home page. The page is now active. If you have any amount of experience marketing your music then you know how important it is to get your music and your website in front of as many fans and listeners as is humanly possible. Hopefully you have been reading some of my articles and you also understand the importance of search engine optimization. When a website is properly optimized it will bring a tremendous amount of new traffic to that website.

If you want to learn how to drive tons of traffic to your band’s website you should consider surfing a bit through this site where you’ll find loads of traffic driving techniques to use. The idea is to have as many locations as possible pointing to your website. It would also be wise to add your band’s link to the new Musician’s Directory. I continuously strive to keep our site highly optimized to bring in new traffic which will result in more traffic to your band’s site as well. We are currently getting a little over 10,000 visitors per month and the site is growing at a rapid pace.

I was originally planning on charging a fee for the link but have since decided that in fairness to my struggling and even some not so struggling musician friends out there that this is not the right thing to do. The idea of Peasants is to help musicians. Your links will be free of charge. The music business is tough enough as it is. So please fill out the form below and be patient with me on your submissions. Depending on how many we get will determine on how fast I get them posted in the Musician’s Directory. Free is a very inexpensive way to effectively promote your music. Once your website is listed in the directory it will remain there for life or until you instruct me to do otherwise. Your website’s link will enjoy highly optimized traffic forever.

Best To You!

Learn More About Search Engine Optimization Here!

See the sign up form below to reserve your link now!

Privacy policy: We are deeply committed to protecting your privacy. Your information will never be sold or shared with any other party. You agree to receive emails from time to time regarding your account.


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How To Get Your Music Heard On A Small Budget

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music symbolWhen speaking of getting your music out there and you aren’t independently wealthy, to put it bluntly, you do whatever you have to do! Get your music in front of anybody you possibly can. This includes doing current shows for local fans to help spread the word, cutting a single on CD for submission to local radio markets, building and marketing a look for you as an artist or your band ,  and networking on the computer and anywhere else that the law will allow.

It will take all of the efforts above and then some. Make sure you have quite a bit of stamina and a “I’m going all the way no matter what” attitude. If you want something bad enough there will be nothing big enough to stop you from getting it.

Regardless if you’re trying to become a Super Star or just want to sell a few songs to some movie or television producers, start today by sitting down and planning out a budget. It will take a little money but you know what they always say, “It takes money to make money”. This is a very true statement. Unless you happen to be the friend of a music producer’s son or something along those lines it doesn’t matter if you can sing like Madonna or play the guitar like Eric Clapton, you don’t get in that easy. It will involve some dedication and work but in the end it will be worth it won’t it.

If you have some songs put together and haven’t cut them on CD then do so. Record them to mp3 and whatever other latest music transfer files are available. Why is this important? You need to have a means to display your music to the world easily and quickly! Go to some of the online music submission facilities and start putting your mp3’s out there for them to hear. Get an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) fast. This is a promotional tool used for online promotion. You can pay a professional promoter to set one up for you or you can build one yourself and save money if you are tech savvy. It includes photos, history, a few current songs, listed website for you or your band, any news releases or articles written about you, booked events, labels if you have one, etc. The EPK should be stored on your computer so you can send it out immediately if you need to.

Before you place recorded songs on your EPK, make sure they are of good quality. Think of your EPK as the “modern day demo”. When the person at the other end listening to your music hits “play” then it better be of good quality or they won’t be listening very long. Think about it….how long do you want to listen to a song that has garble and feedback and other noises in it. I’ll bet not very long! So if this means you have to go and get your songs professionally recorded then do so if you can afford it. You could also record your music on your own with a good multi track recorder and burn the songs straight to CD or mp3 by yourself. This will be a less expensive way to go but you will need to learn how to operate your multi track unit well.

Again, once you have your music (the most satisfying to you) on CD and mp3 format start sending it out via the Internet. You can use venue’s such as Sonicbids, Taxi, Myspace, Ourstage, etc. There are plenty of them online just make sure that you do your research before dealing with any company. Also make sure your music is copyrighted before you present it to the whole world. You never know, you just might have some stuff that is so good that people may try to steal it.



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