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Marketing Your Music To The Masses!

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This post may seem a little redundant to some of my professional musician friends out there but for others it may really help you get on your way.

There are many different things you can and should be doing to market you or your band’s music to the masses in the world. If you’re serious about your music and I am assuming you are then you need to take the necessary steps to prove it and let the world know as well. I have listed a few of the best ways below.

Branding Your Name

One of the most important things you can do is let everybody know who you are. Get T-shirts, buttons, flags, pens, hats and any other marketing devices you can think of made to distribute at your live shows. It’s great if you can sell them but if you can afford to then give them away. It will pay you back in huge sums later on just by the free advertising alone.

Distribute Your Demo

If you don’t currently have a demo you need to get one cut fast. Make sure it’s done as professional as possible. You don’t want your fans to hear hurried sloppy work. Regardless if it’s MP3, MP4 or on CD it needs to be of excellent quality. I would strongly recommend putting only your best song or few songs forward. These are the ones that people will remember. Make sure it’s your strongest song 1st followed by the next strongest and so on. Once you have them together and ready to go then start distributing your demo to anybody who will listen. I would also recommend using local radio and Internet stations that except unsigned Indie music. There are many of them out there. Send it to a radio station in every state in the country if possible and maybe even some overseas. Not all of them will play it but you are increasing your odds by sending to as many as possible.

Practice and Play Out Often

Live concerts are the absolute best for promoting your music. Have killer shows and get your audience involved. Play as many local clubs and venues as you can. If possible get out on the road also. Travel to different states and cities if your schedule and budget allows it. Just remember that word of mouth is the best or worst advertising you can get so make sure you stay practiced. You want to always give the audience the best show of their lives.

Secure and Keep an Up To Date Press Kit

This will include your demo, artist or band photos, press clippings, venue list, contact info, artist or band bio and things of that nature. Keep it all together and professionally done and organized. You never know who is paying attention! You may stumble across a record producer, talent scout or record label at any point in time.

Start and Promote a Website

If you don’t already have a website then start one today. With the amount of people browsing the Internet for new music these days this is absolutely essential in your quest for marketing to the masses. There are many different web hosting companies out there that will allow you to set up a website for free. It can get a bit technical and time consuming to do this but if you have the experience and the know how do it yourself. If not then hire somebody to do it for you. It will pay huge dividends in the end. Your fans must be able to find you on the net. Once the website is up and running make sure it is optimized for search engines so it draws as much free traffic as possible. Then plaster your website everywhere you go and on your t-shirts, buttons and all other marketing devices.

Get a Free Optimized Link at Modern Day Peasants.

Our site recently added a free optimized link to artist and band websites all over the world. Search engine optimization involves having as many links pointing to your website as possible. If you already have your website set up you can get a link pointing towards it for free here. Your website will enjoy highly optimized website traffic for life at no cost to you!

Do all these things properly and you will definitley be marketing your music to the masses. With a little luck and a little talent on your part you and your band will be well on the way to stardom.

Best wishes!




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Want To Generate True Quality Website Traffic Fast?

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traffic jamWebsite lacking in the traffic department? Have you tried everything you know to increase search engine traffic but still only getting dismal results? Don’t feel like you’re the only one! Generating true quality website traffic is the #1 road block to webmasters all around the world. Anybody can build a beautiful website with rich content that’s easy to navigate but without a dedicated flow of solid traffic to that website then that’s all it is and all it will ever be! Without the visitors your profits will be sour at best if you ever even earn a penny.

Hopefully you have completed the other tasks that a good webmaster should have done such as proper optimization by way of keywords being used correctly, alt text for your pictures, testing interior links, making sure of easy navigation for your visitors and started to build some quality backlinks for your site. Yes….it is true…targeted one-way backlinks is where your hoards of visitors will come from. Now I know that some of you more experienced webmasters are at this minute saying to yourself “yeah yeah…..we know all about the backlinks” . My response is I certainly hope you do. Quality one-way related backlinks is the main necessary ingredient needed to increase your search engine traffic. They will determine if you win or lose in the world of online marketing. You see the major “search engine crawlers” or “internet soldiers”, as I like to refer to them, are the very robots that will bring that lovely traffic to your website. You will be able to tremendously increase your traffic if the search engines know they can trust you. The only way they can know that is if you have hundreds if not thousands of other articles and links all over the internet pointing to your website. Once the search engines begin to see the related backlinks you will have effectively increased your traffic. How much it is increased will depend on the amount and quality of the back links along with proper on-page optimization.

So now we’re at the meat and potatoes of this handy little article. Let me get right to it! If you spent 8 hours a day writing quality articles and installing quality one-way links all pointing to your website it would take about 7 months to a year or maybe longer to get the kind of website traffic you  truly need. You should have about 1000 links and articles but to be quite honest 3,000 to 5,000 or more would be even better. If you have that kind of time then go ahead and build them slowly. If you don’t have that kind of time and you need to be making good money now by increasing true quality website traffic then check out some of these alternatives.

You’ll be seriously glad you did.

Learn how to increase instant targeted website traffic.

Learn more about getting better visitors to your site.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Website

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Submit your article to hundreds of sites

Now that your website is published and up and running it’s time to get people to visit your site. You won’t have any visitors if they don’t know your website exist. I’m going to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars right now by giving you some very valuable information.

Don’t spend your money with an SEO company to get website traffic if you don’t have to. If you are a large corporation or will have a very large site with thousands of items and pictures then you may want to consider talking with an SEO company as the amount of time it will take you to optimize the website will be ridiculous.

There are many things you can do and should do to gain traffic once you have published. First and foremost, make sure that your website has good content. In other words, be sure that the information, pictures, articles, etc. are all related to what your website is about and make sure that it is valuable information for your visitors to read or use. Without good content there will never be a reason for your visitors to return to your website.

Second and sometimes just as important as the first make sure that your site is easily readable and understandable. People don’t like to have to figure out what you are trying to say nor do they have time. It’s a fast paced world we live in and for most people time is of the essence. Your site should be free flowing and easy to navigate.

Always check for spelling errors and sentence run on’s, etc. These kind of errors will only serve to confuse or aggravate your visitors. Finally make sure your site is search engine optimized with lots of targeted back links! Good SEO and plenty of back links will assure lots of traffic and good rankings with the bigger more well know search engines. What do I mean by that? Well, you need to be sure that there are many one-way links poiting to your website using targeted keywords because major and minor search engines will crawl your website on a regular basis.

Lots of back links means your site is busy and well known. Submit your website to as many search engines and related websites as you possibly can. When they crawl your website they are looking to see if your site is easy to understand and relative to the content you say it is.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a little tricky for even the most novice of the web masters. The major web search engines such as Google and Yahoo as well as thousands of others basically get their information from search engine submissions by the website web master which is you.

In your site building tools and setup it should ask you on each page of your website to give a description of that particular page and what it is about. Keep your descriptions simple and to the point. One line sentences if you can. It will also ask for the particular keywords for that page. The keywords that you input will let the search engine crawlers know what that particular page of your website is about. Always name your pages. Don’t let your pages be named page1 or page 5 or anything like that. If one particular page in your site is about cats and dogs then name the page (catsanddogs.php). This is important for trust to be gained by your website visitors. When they click on that page, the title bar on their page should say (catsanddogs.php) not (page1.php).

To sum things up remember, you need good content, easily readable and understandable information, free flowing and easy to navigate links and pages, check spelling errors and sentence run on’s, and finally add lots of back links and optimize your website. If you do all these things on a regular basis you will always have a strong amount of traffic flow to your website. Lots of traffic generally means lots of money or attention or whatever else you are trying to accomplish with your website.

Best Wishes!

Site Build It!

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