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15 Habits of an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are perfectionists – They will not rest on a project until it is perfect in every sense of the word.

Entrepreneurs are goal setters – They will generally set realistic goals and continuously strive to meet them. Once met, he or she will set new-larger goals and start the process all over again.

Not lacking in confidence – Most entrepreneurs have a high amount of self confidence which allows them to work well under stress and remain focused and persistent.

Urgent in nature – Entrepreneurs understand the meaning of urgency and use it in their everyday lives. There is no room for procrastination.

Leadership abilities – Most entrepreneurs have the uncanny ability to lead others to success.

Fails to recognize authority – Entrepreneurs are under the impression they can do a better job than most and therefore usually struggle with authority type figures.

Problem solvers – It is characteristic of an entrepreneur to solve problems. They enjoy it as problem solving seems second nature to them.

Not afraid to ask for help – Even with their general leadership abilities, the entrepreneur is not afraid to ask for help. They understand there are many people in the world smarter than themselves.

Intolerable – Entrepreneurs are generally short in tolerance and unknowingly insensitive to other people’s feelings when working with a group of people.

Risk takers – Most entrepreneurs are not afraid of risk. They evaluate the risk and view it as a necessary step to success.

Creative in nature – Entrepreneurs are generally creative thinkers. It is in their nature to get outside the box.

Know their strengths and weaknesses – Entrepreneurs leverage their strengths and marginalize their weaknesses.

Willingness to fail – Successful entrepreneurs have a “never quit policy.” They expect to fail and will always keep going until the task is accomplished.

Highly educated – Whether it is self education or the teachings of a school or University, entrepreneurs believe strongly in the idea of educating themselves.

Dream Big РBecause of their extreme self confidence, most entrepreneurs dare to dream big. No idea seems too large.

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