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Promote, License and Sell Your Music Online

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I recently found another way to help my faithful musician friends to promote, license and sell their music online.

There’s a new rising star in the music industry and it’s name is Broadjam.

It’s a cool new community of modern musicians networking to get their music out there.

Not only will they help you promote, license and sell your music but they also do monthly music contests so the artists can win cash and prizes.

The site already has over 100,000 registered musicians and music fans.

You can listen to new streaming indie music feeds, list your own music streams and download free music and mp3’s.

There are plenty of paid and free music promotion opportunities to go around.

Be sure to check out the licensing successes tab when you get to the site. You won’t believe how many of the members have already gotten their music licensed by TV shows, movies, publishers, MTV and etc.

I know, all too well, how important it is for unknown musicians to connect with others who have similar interests.

This could be your opening!

More importantly it’s another ideal way to promote, license and sell your music online to a whole new world of fans.

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