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Earn Money Online Providing Value

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Notice I didn’t say earn money online promoting value, I said providing value.

It’s ok to promote the value of what you’re selling so long as the product actually provides value.

I think that sometimes we get so hung up on advertising our product that we often forget to be sure our offer is sound and valuable to the visitor.

I’m not just speaking of the monetary terms, although our prices must be reasonable too….I’m more referring to what really makes a site, or any business for that matter, a true success.

Value……………Are you valuable to your audience?

If you aren’t the cheapest in town then is your product massively superior to your competition?

In the eye of the customer value comes first and price comes second.

If you sell information….is it the best information possible for your visitors and will it effect them enough to tell others where they got it?

If your site sells nothing but LCD TV’s you’ve got quite a bit of competition but you can still add value by providing the latest and greatest models, extremely fast shipping, after purchase follow-ups just to see if they’re happy, free gift wrapping, online customer reviews, free surge protectors and much more.

It all counts to the customer….they remember those kinds of things! Don’t you?

The added touches can go a long way on building customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

It can be tough to earn money online without providing real value to your visitors because competition in online markets are growing.

The good part is that 99% of your current and upcoming competitors will fail at this one simple little detail. They won’t give their customers any reason to come back or talk about their experience.

You, however, can earn lots of money online because you get it. You now understand the absolute necessity of providing value with every single transaction.

Offer them value and your visitors will reward you for it.

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The Business of Online Marketing

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It took a while to figure out the title of this post. Why? The title, whether in other online articles or on your blog is so very very important. I decided to call this one The Business of Online Marketing. The reason is because I want everybody to know just how excited I am about this.

First of all let me just say that I certainly do not advocate or want a bunch of people to go out and quit their jobs. If you’re thinking about starting your own online business then I definitely applaud you for it but do it on the side for a bit until you fully understand it. The business of online marketing is very fast paced and very competitive. It can also be very difficult to grasp for quite some time. What really hooks you and is so rewarding is that once you do finally grasp it and figure out what’s really going on inside the Internet, including search engines and all their friends, then you begin to understand just what has been accomplished and more importantly what can be accomplished.  If you’re using your tracking tools properly you start to see more and more visitors coming to your site.

It will seem like forever before all of your hard work starts to pay off but then all of the sudden one day you see money has been added to one of your accounts. Somebody has bought something! This lifts your spirits somewhat. Then it will seem like another eternity before your next sale. During that time you start to second guess yourself and you start changing things up. You dig in and learn more and get even more technical. All of the sudden it begins to dawn on you that the Internet’s true reason for existence was and still is for mankind to learn! This is the part where it gets so exciting. You get another sale and another! You have just then at that very moment figured out that people are not stupid. In fact people are very smart and they want to get smarter. You now understand that people are happy to trade their hard earned and hard saved money for something that first of all teaches them something and second of all has value to them. They must be able to use your product to better their quality of life. In essence when you help your customers they will help you!

From that point on you are so excited and dedicated to your online business that it’s not work anymore but you’re still getting paid. It actually may be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever get to experience in your life simply because of the power and reach of the Internet. Currently per Internet World Stats there are 1,668,870,408 World wide regular Internet users. That’s with a (B) as in Billion! If you’ll notice these stats are only penetrating 24.7% percent of the total population. That means it hasn’t even grown half way yet. The Internet and it’s audience is going to get so much bigger. There’s room for everybody!

I’m going to continue giving everybody as much advice as I possibly can for as long as I can. I will show you lots of opportunities and possibilities that you will have to decide whether or not they will work for your current situation. Everybody reading this article is smart enough to know when they’re being fed a line of crap or when they’re getting the real deal. Don’t fall for the crap. Do your research! Here are a few other solid thoughts that will help you soundly in the business of online marketing. Make an impact, learn the art of article marketing and use it wisely to offer the world a product that will make their lives better, always do your homework, be honest with your audience and allow them to be honest with you, don’t let impatience get the best of you, never believe that you know everything, treat people well, find the people and businesses you trust and learn from those who have learned before you. Be that person I just wrote about and you have no choice but to do very well for yourself and your customers!

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