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20 Reasons Why Your Product Isn’t Selling

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Almost anything of value can be marketed on the Internet. Here is a list of 20 reasons why your product may not be selling.

1. You’re not properly displaying the features and benefits of the product.
2. Product is not being displayed to a targeted visitor. (trying to sell TV’s to somebody in search of shoes)
3. Your product isn’t selling because you have no call to action (not asking for the sale)
4. No business base (no website)
5. No opt-in form (no way to keep visitors and future customers informed)
6. Website shows a lack of professionalism (too many misspelled words, site not user friendly, etc.)
7. Product checkout not secure.
8. Your product isn’t selling because your ad copy is too pushy (people don’t like to be sold…they buy what they need or want)
9. Lack of credibility (you must build trust with your visitors)
10. Sub par product (has no real value to the visitor)
11. Lack of ad copy testing (You haven’t tried multiple ad copies)
12. Lack of Sincerity (Visitor doesn’t feel you are genuine..you don’t care about their needs…just the sale)
13. One of the biggest reasons your product may not be selling is a lack of website traffic, SEO Site Promotion, key-wording, optimization (not enough people viewing your product)
14. Lack of advertising (again…not enough people viewing your product…no product awareness)
15. Product improperly displayed on site ( placed on bottom of page instead of top…no visibility)
16. Price is too high (when compared to similar products)
17. Price is too low (when compared to similar products…visitor perceives product is no good)
18. Product has no distinction (market is flooded)
19. Lack of return policy (shows you have no faith in your product)
20. Many people fail to sell their products because the shipping rate too high for physical products (when compared to industry standards….Customer feels ripped off)

If you can get the first five correct you are already well on your way to success. The rest is all fine tuning.

Please feel free to post your comments if you have something to add to the list.

Best Wishes!


Building Your Backlinks

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If you have been following this blog you know by now how important building quality backlinks are to your website or blog. Backlinks will be one of the main determining factors of how much traffic your online business gets and how fast it gets PageRank. Another determining factor for Google PageRank is the niche (type of product) your business is in and how competitive that niche is. I am mentioning Google because they are the largest search engine for sending traffic. However, do not underestimate Yahoo and Bing. You can’t ignore those two either because they are pretty big players in the search engine arena. It’s important to submit your content to all three. Anyway, I’m getting side tracked here. Let’s get back to discussing building your backlinks.

There are lots of different ways to go about it. You are going to need tons of them if you are in a highly competitive niche and maybe not so many if your niche isn’t that competitive. Most of the websites and blogs that I see generally have between 1,000 and 5,000. I have seen them as high as a million. Sometimes the quality of the link is more important than the quantity. It really just depends on your competition.

If your site is fairly new the first thing you can and should do is submit your site to different directories. There are thousands of them on the Internet. Just try to make sure that you submit it to directories that are relevant to your site’s content. You should also submit your blog to some high level blog directories such as blogged.com, Technorati.com and my personal favorite which I have had very good results with is MyBlogLog. Each of those will give you a quality backlink.

Next, start making some really good and powerful comments on some other blogs that are in the same niche as yours or at least relative. You can use a free service called Comment Kahuna to search for multiple blogs based on the keywords that you input. It will also list the current Google PageRank of those blogs. You need to make sure that you are commenting on higher PageRanked sites to get the biggest bang. In addition, by commenting on sites with a higher PageRank you can get your site ranked quicker. But more important than any of that should be the caliber of the comment you are leaving. Visitors to blogs read comments. I read them when I’m visiting other blogs. You want to add a great comment for two reasons. The first is that if it’s not valuable to the site the webmaster may just delete it. The second reason is that if you are giving out valuable information, the readers of that blog may see your comment and come and visit your site. And before I forget, make sure whenever you leave a comment that you always place your website address in the box where it ask for it. This will serve as the link back to your site. Without it you are wasting your time and efforts for nothing.

Later on when you get things a little more organized you can start guest blogging for other blogs, always leaving a backlink to your site. You could also write articles that you think will help a blog or website in your niche and present it to the webmaster. If the owner of that site thinks it’s valuable he may place it on his site with your site signature on the article serving as yet another backlink.

Try to make sure that you always write high quality content on your site. This always attracts search engines and other blogs. If it’s really valuable information those sites will start linking to yours. If enough higher quality sites link to your site it will serve to tell the search engines that you must know what you’re talking about.

You will learn many different methods as time goes on. If you’re serious you will get more involved and learn more. Quality backlinks are very important if you want to constantly increase your visitors and without visitors your site is nothing more than dead weight sitting in the middle of the Internet Ocean. The process of building your backlinks can be tedious but is a necessary evil.

Best Wishes!

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Complacency Kills Personal Growth

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Dictionary.com defines complacency as – a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.

These words ring so true to me and if you bare with me I’ll explain why. First I believe it’s time I formerly introduce myself to everybody. Hopefully there are questions about who I am.  If I’m really lucky some of you have seen my name on plenty of the articles on this website and maybe in some of the niche categories, ezines, forums and blogs as well as some of the article directories out there such as eHow.com, Ezine Articles, ArticleBase.com and GoArticles.com. It’s important for me to keep my name visible. At first I wasn’t sure about plastering it all over the website and the Internet but now I am glad I did. I’ve decided to be proud of what I’m up to these days!

It’s been about a year now since the early inception of Modern Day Peasants. I started this website and blog with the intentions of helping musicians and anybody else who wants to learn how to get a leg up in this world. I firmly stand by that! For the most part we are all Peasants living in a modern day world. Music is something that really makes life a better place for me and many others. I love to play and record and have for years but unfortunately I’m a better writer than I am a singer. I have great admiration for musicians because of their struggles and  hardships they must endure on their journey in getting paid to do what it is they love.

It shouldn’t be any secret that I do this for the advertising money as well. I mean that’s why you start a website right? I guess it could be because you have something you want to tell the world but that’s getting off the point a bit. For me it’s about sharing valuable information I’ve obtained over the last few years with everybody I can so they may better themselves. The money is good too. This is what I enjoy doing!

You see, I spent 16 years of my life working my butt off trying to get up the corporate ladder as a consultant in the service and repair end of an automobile dealership. It was a decent business to be in. I met lots of people and good friends. The problem was that it got to a point to where it became stagnant to me. The business pays you pretty well and kind of pulls you in and makes you complacent.

This brings me to the reason behind the title of this particular post. I had many mentors in the car business along the way but the one who influenced me the most was a good friend and the owner of the dealership I worked for at the time. We started working together in the beginning of my “career” in the auto world. He was my big boss and very young to own a car dealership. At that time Brian was 38 years old and making over half a million dollars a year and enjoyed everyday of his life not just because of the money he made but because he truly liked helping people acquire transportation and working with a variety of different people. I was about 21 at the time. He loved his business very much and I had never seen anybody so excited about what they do. He was though! The very first meeting we ever had he told me to never ever become complacent in life. It kills personal growth he said.  I nodded in agreement.

For some reason Brian and I hit it off early on and he tought me many things over the years about loving what you do and getting rewarded for it. He was so successful because he truly loved that business. I did not, however, love the car business. I just happened to be good at mimicking my friend and acting like I enjoyed it. In the real world I was more introverted unless I was around a customer because I wasn’t truly happy being there. If a customer was with me I would put on the outgoing happy social act. I got stuck! I was complacent in that business for years simply because the money was decent.

Later I discovered my personal complacency cost me so much more because I could have been gaining my own personal growth and tapping my thirst for inside knowledge about the Internet much earlier in my life than when I did. With proper training and a little bit of foresight the Internet can make anybody’s dream a reality simply because it is so vast. I find it fascinating and intoxicating. It’s also much easier for me to relate with people in general on the web. I suspect because there are more of you like me out there. I guess getting back to current times hindsight really is 20/20.

The point is I’m in my late 30’s now and about three years ago I finally heard what my friend Brian had warned me about so many years before. I had allowed complacency to kill my personal growth and decided I was going to make the necessary changes to better my quality of life. I left that business and self studied my way to a newer happier life.

I dove deep into the realms of Internet Marketing for three years straight and it has brought me here. Better late than never.  Don’t let complacency kill your personal growth too! If you aren’t happy with the life you currently own and the direction it’s heading. Make a change! If you need some help along the way and you find those changes leading you toward the wonderful and diverse world of Internet Marketing and web based businesses with some added music to boot this site can help you greatly. If you ever have direct questions I will always be happy to help.

Here’s to our continued success!


Where To Start Earning Money Online?

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It seems that everyday now I get an email from a reader or an acquaintance and sometimes friends and relatives as well. They all ask me the same question.  Where do I start earning money online and is there really money to be made?

I will try to answer those questions separately for everybody reading.

My advice is to start with whatever you think you can handle. Regardless if that means joining a survey company and doing one or two surveys a month and making an extra $20.00 to $50.00. Maybe just sign up for a multi level marketing (MLM) company and send and receive referrals strictly by email. If you really want to take a leap then set up a website or blog and start marketing your own product or affiliate products. This is the sincere beauty of the Internet. It really doesn’t matter. I tell everybody that throws me that question the same thing I’m getting ready to tell you. Do Something! The worst thing you can do is sit and talk about it. Anybody can do that. Just talking about it won’t make you a dime! Most of you already know this but if you want something in life you have to reach out and grab it. Chances are that it won’t come to you so you have to go get it. Start by doing it part time between your other activities…ie..work – family and social life. Get on the Internet and start reading and networking with other people in search of the same thing. You will find that while there are plenty of scammers out and about there are also plenty of good people who are willing to help you along because they’ve been there themselves and remember how it was and because they genuinely want to help others. Good people do still exist in this world! You just have to wade through some bad to find them.

As to whether or not money can be made. The answer is a resounding yes! Considering the fact that there are 1.6 billion Internet users in the world and almost 252 million in North America alone I would say your odds are pretty good. It’s not a question of can you earn money. It’s a question of will you reach out and grab it.  More and more people are earning money everyday online. It’s because they stumble across something that actually got their attention and they were willing to take a chance and sacrifice some of their time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Internet is unlike other businesses because in a sense it’s not. Most businesses require an investment on your part be it online or out in the streets. Some are small and some are large. It’s like anything else. It just depends on your interests and what you think may keep you interested and what you can afford. If you can’t afford much right now then go after the freebies and take it day by day. With bigger risk usually comes bigger rewards so if you can afford some money to invest then look into a few larger opportunities. There are so many out there!

My personal recommendation is start right away! Get involved with as many different ideas and opportunities as you possibly can but always do your research prior to jumping in. I have tried to list here on my website and blog the ideas and businesses that stood out to me. I will continue to find more of them for you but there are hundreds of thousands of others out there as well. I am personally a fan of multiple streams of income so I like to leverage my time and money in as many opportunities as possible. This way I always have money coming in from multiple places. That works for me but may not work for you. The main point is as I stated earlier…..Do Something! Don’t just sit there at your computer wishing that something would come along and make you rich. Earning money online is like any other business. If you want to succeed you have to work hard at it. It doesn’t happen overnight for 99.9% of us but I can tell you one thing for sure as somebody who does earn decent money online. If you put your mind to it, set some goals for yourself and start doing something right this minute you will be a whole lot closer than you were yesterday.


Web Hosting For Business

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Article by:  Akinori Furukoshi


If your web site is sitting on your hard drive, it won’t do you one bit of good or make you any money. You have to publish your web site. You have to look for a host. A host puts your site on the web, so your web site is available for web surfers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But choosing the right host is a little tricky. Learn from my painful and costly mistakes, and pick the right host for yourself.

Free hosting
I started with a free hosting service. I thought, “Why do I have to pay when I could get it for free.” Right? Wrong!! Their server was down periodically, once a week or so. One day, it became inaccessible. I couldn’t see my web site, I couldn’t log into my account. No support was available. About 6 month later, the server sent me an e-mail which said they had shut down the business. The worse thing was I didn’t have any backup. The server had had an online html editing tool. Earlier I had logged onto my account and edited my site, so all my files were in their computer. Unfortunately, I never made my own back up file. When that host was gone, my web site was gone too.

Cheap hosting
I got a little smarter. I picked a cheap hosting service. I thought again, “Why do I have pay more when I could get it cheaper?” Right? Not really. It was OK at the beginning. All of my web pages were able to be downloaded in 8 seconds with a 56k modem. Once in a while it slowed down. Sometimes it took more than a minute to download! Then once in a while became almost every time. When I started considering switching the host, I got an e-mail that said they would shut down the business. This time I got the notice a month prior to the shutdown. Again, I had to find another hosting service. Finally, I decided to pay extra for reliability. Since then, I don’t have to worry about my site is up or down. A reliable host definitely takes your headache away.

Domain name
My hosting mistakes ended up not being all mistakes I made. I also didn’t have my own domain name. My domain name read www.freehost/myname or myname.freehost.com. My plan had been when I made a little money, I would buy my own domain name. Then I would redirect visitors from my free-host domain name. That plan didn’t work. Every time my host shut down, I had to promote a new URL. I lost all previous visitors. They had no way to find out what my new URL was. I wasted time and the money I had to spent on promoting the URL. If I had bought my own domain, I could have kept my previous visitors at least when my host shut down. On top of that problem, I learned that web surfers can tell you are using free hosting service from the URL you have. Having folks know you are using a free hosting service makes it very difficult to earn credibility, and credibility is THE key to making sales in syberspace.

You don’t have to buy the latest equipment and spend beaucoup money on every top-notch service, but do pay for your domain name and a good hosting service at least. You can’t afford cheap stuff. Really!


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