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Earn Extra Money Online as a Customer Service Agent

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If you have great customer service skills you can earn extra money online as a call center agent.

I recently stumbled across a company by the name of Working Solutions who hires home based sales and service agents to work as virtual employees in all types of fields such as health care and pharmaceuticals, travel and hospitality, communications, utilities, financial services, retail, technology, etc.

The hired reps generally work anywhere from 20-40 hours per week averaging about $9.00 to $13.00 per hour with the ability to earn as much as $30.00 per hour on special projects.

If you’ve been searching for a legitimate way to earn extra money online now is your chance.

You can apply at their site but know up front that the application process seems to be fairly rigorous.

This company has been around since 1996 and will only hire skilled professionals.

You should expect an exam to test your skills, a phone interview and background check.

The upside is if you are really looking to work from home and possess a strong work ethic you could very well find yourself earning a regular paycheck while setting your own hours.

They pay by direct deposit or check by mail.

For anybody having past customer service experience, this could be an excellent opportunity to earn some real extra money online.

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How to Start a Freelance Career!

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How to Start a Freelance Career

Work at Home and Earn an Excellent Income

Imagine being able to work from your own home, doing a job you love, and
getting paid handsomely for doing it. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, the good news is that this is not just a fantasy. It is a prospect that is
well within your reach. Today, millions of people worldwide have established
highly-successful careers as freelance professionals. Writers, designers,
programmers and many other home-based consultants have discovered that
freelancing offers the perfect combination of freedom, creativity, flexibility
and profitability.

So do you need years of experience and fantastic qualifications to join these
lucky people? Not at all. You just need a skill that you can offer to potential
clients, and the willingness to learn how to run a home-based business.

Of course, the biggest challenge for new freelancers is finding enough work to
justify giving up a day job. How can you be sure that you will keep yourself
busy with lucrative work? This used to be a concern, but thanks to the advent of
the Internet, things are now much easier.

Now there are a number of job sites dedicated to helping freelancers find work
and stay busy.

One such company is called oDesk. They basically help small businesses connect with remote contractors such as writers, web developers, programmers and such.

Likewise, if you need somebody to perform a job you can very easily Find Writers on oDesk, programmers, web developers and the likes.

Good Luck!




From An Employee To An Entrepreneur

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From An Employee To An Entrepreneur

Article by Akinori Furukoshi of http://www.thatswise.com
posted by: Modern Day Peasants

Are you foreseeing the days when you are working at home? When you no longer have to fight the rush hour traffic? When you no longer have to call in sick? The best part of that scenario is you no longer have to see your boss! Isn’t that sweet? Unfortunately, that day won’t come easily. Unlike a mortar and brick business, you do not need lots of money to start, but it also doesn’t mean you can find your success effortlessly. There are essentials you need to know about to find your way from an employee to an entrepreneur.

Manage you time
At the beginning, you work during the day, and you run your own business in your spare time. Do you think you don’t have enough time to do that? You’d better think twice. All of us have the same amount of time–24 hours a day. The difference is how you manage that 24 hours. People say they don’t have time, but then they watch TV 30 hours a week! Just giving up TV can give you an extra 30 hours That’s more than a day every week. Think of what you can do with those 30 hours! So, what IS your priority? If it is TV, forget it! Prioritize things, and spend your precious time with the most important thing first.

Be patient, Be consistent
Now, you are really trying new things. But you cannot perform like a seasoned veteran from the beginning. It takes time to complete every single task, even the one that seems to be the simplest task. The process can make you feel very frustrated. On top of that, at the beginning, the learning curve isn’t steep, and you have a bunch of things to tackle that make you more frustrated. You feel you can’t get anything done. It doesn’t mean you can’t be an entrepreneur. It’s just the normal learning process. Do not give up. If you quit, I can guarantee you won’t succeed. Be patient, and be consistent.

Discipline yourself
You do not have to run your business. You already have another way to make a living. It’s just not your first choice. After 5 o’lock, you can be a procrastinator. No one’s looking over your shoulder; no one’s going to criticise you. You can sit back and relax. Let another day go by, and another, and another because of laziness, lack of motivation or whatever you called it. The biggest enemy of your success is in you. However, the best defense against that enemy is also in you. DISCIPLINE! Be strict with yourself, and you will take a giant step forward to your future-the future you really want!

What do you think? Is this too much to be an entrepreneur? Success will not come to your door. You have to walk toward it. You know you can’t make money just sleeping all day long, don’t you? Now, are you having second thoughts? Do you think you can’t be an entrepreneur? It doesn’t matter what is in your mind. Success at being an entrepreneur does not depend on who you are today. It is depends on who you will become tomorrow.

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